5 myths about LMS migrations

By Meredith Henson

Over the years, we’ve seen many LMS migrations take place in the Totara Partner network. Sometimes contracts come to an end, sometimes you want to take your project in a different direction requiring specialist knowledge or sometimes you want to switch to a partner who is closer to you geographically.

A major benefit of opting for an open learning management system like Totara is that you get the freedom of choice to switch partners. But a lot of organizations feel wary of making the switch. Maybe you’re worried it will be disruptive, you’re concerned you won’t be able to migrate your customizations or you have specific requirements around support. In this post, we’ll take a look at five myths around LMS migrations to help reassure you that it’s not the ordeal you might be expecting!

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1. I have custom developments so need to stay with my current supplier

Many organizations worry that migrating to a new Totara Partner will cause problems for their customizations. 

However, this simply isn’t true. Custom developments and integrations can be managed and supported by any number of partners. Whether you have a custom theme, extensive customizations to your site navigation or a whole host of integrations with your other systems, the open nature of Totara Learn means that another partner can pick up your LMS and run with it.

2. My current supplier created some custom developments for me, so I’ll lose those if I move to another vendor

A common concern is that any customizations belong to the partner, not you as the customer. 

But in reality, the intellectual property most likely sits with you, meaning you won’t lose these customizations. Customizations to General Public License (GPL) software are also covered by GPL, meaning that any custom development on a Totara Learn system you’ve funded is also yours, and can move around with you.

3. I don't want to disrupt my learners

If you’re considering switching partners, you may be worried about disrupting your learners during the switchover process. Nobody wants excessive downtime, or to find that their time-sensitive learning can’t be completed because of technical issues.

The good news is that Totara Partners can work together to manage the safe and efficient transfer of an LMS. A seamless switchover can take place outside of peak hours to minimize, or even eliminate, disruption, and both partners can take care of data backups for added peace of mind.

4. I have a very particular set of support requirements

When you get used to your working relationship with one partner, it can be hard to imagine starting from scratch with another. You know exactly who you need to call to get the support you need, and you know that your current partner understands your unique support requirements.

The Totara Partner network comprises a wide variety of partners, all of whom have different areas of expertise and experience across sectors, organization sizes and geographies. If you’re in the healthcare sector and you need a vendor that understands the limitations of your hospital’s IT infrastructure, there’s a partner for you. If you’re in the finance sector and you need someone to keep a close eye on your compliance training, there’s a partner for you.

5. It's all too difficult!

As we see from the sheer number of organizations who end up sticking with an LMS that is no longer fit for purpose, it’s often more appealing to stick with the status quo than to find the best solution for you. 

But help is at hand! We’ve got some really handy resources to help you migrate from one partner to another, whether that’s within the Totara Partner network or from a different LMS entirely. 

Our LMS RFP template provides a comprehensive guide to writing your RFP for a new LMS (or vendor). RFPs may be a single-page checklist or a detailed list of requirements running into the hundreds of pages, and this template will help you tick all the boxes. Public sector organizations in the UK can take a look at the government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, or why not check out our 10 tips for a successful LMS migration, or the questions you should ask your LMS vendor?

If your circumstances have changed and you’re looking to take advantage of your freedom of choice, take a look at our list of Totara Partners, or drop us a message and we’ll help you find your perfect match.

Ready to migrate?

Embrace your freedom of choice and find out how easy it can be to migrate your LMS.