7 sessions not to miss at ATD 2019

Aside from the astonishing keynote lineup of entrepreneur and author Seth Godin, composer and conductor Eric Whitacre and Oprah Winfrey (yes, THE Oprah), there are hundreds of brilliant sessions for attendees to get their teeth into and explore the fast-moving world of workplace learning.

We always look forward to ATD here at Totara, and this year’s lineup of speaker sessions certainly isn’t disappointing.

These are the sessions which have caught our eye, but we’d love to hear from you if there are any you can recommend.

1. Grand theft marketing: tools L&D should borrow from marketing

Tuesday 21st May, 3-4pm, Room 204, Convention Center

A lot of the skills needed to make a great marketer are the same as the skills needed to make a great learning professional.

This session will show you how marketers grab the attention of their audience by evoking an emotional response, persuading them to feel a certain way and building engagement over time, along with how you can leverage the marketing tools already in use in your organisation to take your learning further.

2. How to crack the code of employee disengagement

Tuesday 21st May, 4.30-5.30pm, Room 204, Convention Center

Only 13% of global workers are engaged, but research shows that workplace engagement leads to better performance. If your employees are in a slump and don’t seem to be loving your learning, what can you do about it?

This session will reveal the number one reason why employees check out, help you identify disengaged employees and show you a four-step process to help you turn things around the second you get back from your conference.

3. Leading by numbers: telling compelling stories with boring business data

Tuesday 21st May, 10-11.15am, Room 147, Convention Center

If we’re being completely honest, there are times we’ve all looked at a spreadsheet filled with data and thought ‘These are some impressive numbers, but how on earth do I make other people see that?’.

If you’re trying to prove the ROI of your learning programme and pique the interest of your stakeholders, this session is for you, as it will help you transform pages and pages of numbers into something relevant, relatable and memorable… and, dare we say it, maybe even a little bit entertaining.

ATD 2019 conference speaker

4. The happiness advantage: applying the power of positive psychology at work

Wednesday 22nd May, 8.15-9.30am, Room 101, Convention Center

Anyone who is a regular at industry conferences knows that they can sometimes get a little serious, so this session all about the psychology of happiness in the workplace should help lift everyone’s spirits a little.

It will also reveal how workplace happiness leads to higher engagement, increased optimism and wellbeing, reduced stress and even record-breaking financial results… plus, who doesn’t want a happier workforce?

5. The now and next of learning and technology in 2019

Tuesday 21st May, 3-4pm, Room 145, Convention Center

As learning professionals, it’s important that we stay on top of the latest developments in the industry. Of course, this doesn’t mean jumping on every single bandwagon, but understanding what’s available to us can only be a good thing.

This session with The eLearning Guild’s David Kelly will look at how technology can disrupt organisational learning, which technologies are shaping the future and the common characteristics shared by disruptive technologies.

6. Shaping the future of the profession: the 2019 ATD Competency Study

Wednesday 22nd May, 1.30-2.30pm, Liberty Ballroom IJKL Marriott Marquis

We have been preaching the benefits of learning professionals constantly improving their own skills for some time already, so we’re looking forward to getting a sneak peek at ATD’s updated model for identifying the critical skills required for success in learning and talent development in the coming years.

You will discover the key skills you and your team need to remain competitive, along with the major forces impacting the learning profession worldwide.

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7. How Vistaprint and JLG Industries have the freedom to innovate with open source Totara Learn

Tuesday 21st May 1-2pm, Room 143 C, Convention Center

(OK, OK, so this is one of our sessions… but it’s absolutely worth attending.)

Daniel Vecchi, our Americas VP of Channel Operations, will be taking to the stage with eThink Education’s Director of Customer Success Jeremy Schweitzer, Remote-Learner’s Senior Solution Strategist Charles Ackerman and JLG Industries’ Product Training Specialist Darren LaRue.

Between them, they will be exploring how Totara Learn gave Vistaprint and JLG Industries the freedom to innovate and scale their training programmes and create a custom platform that can adapt to meet each company’s evolving needs and future-proof their learning investments.

Bonus Sessions

This year at ATD 2019, our exhibiting partners Remote-Learner, eThink Education, Moonami, Synegen, and GO1 will be running 20-minute microlearning sessions at the Totara Village Theater at booth #1019 across the three days.

Check out our Day 1 and Day 2 Totara Village Theatre Session Schedules! 

Which sessions are on your list?

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