7 sessions you can’t miss at Learning Technologies 2020

By Kayleigh Tanner

With just a couple of weeks to go before Europe’s biggest L&D event, our thoughts are turning to the packed seminar schedule at Learning Technologies 2020.

This is always a brilliant chance to bag a seat (if you’re lucky) in front of some of the industry’s most interesting and inspiring characters, who will be tackling some of the hottest topics in learning technologies in 2020. Whether you’re thinking about boosting your engagement, improving compliance, seeing what new technologies are out there or you’re going in with a completely open mind, we’ve picked out some of the must-see seminars at Learning Technologies 2020 - on top of ours, of course (more on those later...)!

The Skills of the Future: 2020 Workplace Learning Trends and Predictions
12th Feb 2020, 12.30-1pm, Theatre 2

Who doesn’t love speculating on what’s going to be the next big thing? To kick off a new decade, Bill O’Shea will be taking to the stage to reveal some key findings from Udemy’s 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report - including whether or not that gulf between organisations wanting to use AI and those who actually know what to do with it will ever close. Whether or not the predictions come true remains to be seen, but it can’t hurt to have your finger on the pulse.

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What can L&D learn from marketing?
12th Feb 2020, 11.45-12.15, Theatre 4

It’s no secret that there is a fair bit of overlap between the skill sets of learning and marketing professionals. So beyond the basics, what can L&D teams learn from marketing retargeting methods and communications models? How can you apply marketing and communication principles to your learning for measurable impacts and results? And what on earth is FUBI and why do you need it? Kineo’s Marketing Director John Williams will be exploring all of this and more.

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Digital transformation beyond the technology
12th Feb 2020, 3.30-4pm, Theatre 2

Lori Niles-Hofmann, co-founder of NilesNolen, will explain why it’s important to think about more than just technology when you’re building your learning strategy. This includes things like a new target operating model, effective stakeholder management and data-driven learning design. Join Lori to discover the functional changes L&D must make to achieve ROI with its investment in technology, and how to avoid the common pitfalls in digital transformation.

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Perk, not work: a new era of digital learning
13th Feb 2020, 11.45am-12.15pm, Theatre 9

What if compulsory e-learning could become the most exciting part of your business? You may scoff, but Cursim’s Jasmine Kundra (yes, from The Apprentice) will present a case for how e-learning can become the most inspiring part of your employee benefits package. She will also reveal her top tips for designing addictive digital learning for the workplace, and whether or not technologies like AR, VR and 360 tech will enhance your learning strategy.

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The Workplace Learning Report 2020. New decade. New demands. New insights.
12th Feb 2020, 1.15-1.45pm, Theatre 9

Another trends report? Oh go on then! In this session, Niamh Slater from LinkedIn Learning will be sharing insights from their latest report. She will dig into data collected from L&D professionals, people managers and learners globally about their priorities, challenges and what inspires them to learn. This is a great opportunity to find out how your peers are upskilling and reskilling employees to prepare for future business challenges, so this is definitely one to check out.

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How to launch a global training programme in weeks rather than months
13th Feb 2020, 3.30-4pm, Theatre 1

‘We need a new learning programme with all the bells and whistles and we need it next week’ - sound familiar? Learning teams are under increasing pressure to launch courses faster than ever before, and this session with TransPerfect’s Rob Rusk will give you some practical ideas to reduce roadblocks and improve your programme launch workflows to allow you to hit that all-important go-live date faster. 

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Coaching the modern workforce in the gig economy
13th Feb 2020, 11.00-11.30am, Theatre 7

If you enjoyed our learner social contract ebook, then this session is for you. Join Dave Romero as he reveals his proven strategies for reducing rapid turnover and closing soft skills gaps - particularly when it comes to workers in the gig economy. As we hurtle from ‘jobs for life’ towards millennials having an average of 24 jobs in their lifetime, find out how we can ensure we’re providing the right training for the modern workforce to keep their skills relevant for many years to come.

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Totara at Learning Technologies 2020

eThink's Totara seminar at Learning Technologies 2019

It simply wouldn’t be Learning Technologies without a strong showing from our Totara Partners and customers, and this year plenty of them are taking to the stage to share their stories, experiences and advice. Some of the Totara-related sessions you’ll find this year are:

  • Why an integrated ecosystem drives learning, performance and engagement in the workplace
    Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer, Totara
    12th Feb 2020, 10.15am-10.45am, Theatre 1 and 13th Feb 2020, 1.15-1.45pm, Theatre 1

  • Hacking the LMS evaluation process: strategies and considerations for a smooth selection
    Ben Cass, Customer Solutions Architect, eThink Education
    12th Feb 2020, 11.45-12.15, Theatre 7

  • Unlocking people potential on a shoestring budget
    Sascha Benson-Cooper, Managing Director, Accipio
    13th Feb 2020, 11.00-11.30, Theatre 9

  • How workplace learning is changing and how to keep up with the changes
    Brian Carlson, CEO, eThink Education
    13th Feb 2020, 15.30-16.00, Theatre 11

  • Voice of the customer: Totara supporting a plasterboard manufacturing plant
    Genevieve Tofield, Talent and Development Manager, Etex Group Ltd and Rebecca Iveson, Business Development Manager, Chambury Learning Solutions
    13th Feb 2020, 14.00-14.30, Theatre 11

  • The challenges of managing an LMS
    Lloyd Smith, Managing Director, Wahoo Learning
    13th Feb 2020, 15.30-16.00, Theatre 5

  • How do you engage learners in compliance training
    Mark Edmonds, Account Director, Engage In Learning
    12th Feb 2020, 11.00-11.30, Theatre 9

Meredith Henson will also be hosting a live demo of Totara Learn on 13th February at 11.30am in Demo Zone 1, and if you have a conference pass, Emma Matthews from Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust, a customer of Chambury Learning Solutions, will be participating in the learning engagement discussion at 1.55pm on 12th February, where she will talk about how she used Totara Learn to support staff engagement at compliance.

What are your must-see sessions for Learning Technologies 2020? Make sure you've registered for your free ticket on the Learning Technologies website.