8 ways to take advantage of Event Monitoring in Totara Learn

The Event Monitoring system allows administrators to create alerts (or rules) for specific events occurring within a Totara Learn site. Admins and trainers can then subscribe to these event notifications either at the site level or within selected courses.

Here are a few ideas on how to take advantage of this powerful tool:

Create a rule so course managers can receive a message when a learner is enrolled in their course

This notification would work best in smaller courses and could act as a prompt for course managers to send a personalised welcome message to learners as they join a course. 

This could also highlight late enrolments so course managers they could reach out and help learners get up to speed.

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Build a rule around activity completion so trainers receive an alert when an activity has been completed within a certain course

This event subscription is particularly useful within a single activity course, allowing trainers to send a personalised message of congratulations to a learner or even an enrolment key or quiz password to provide access to a ‘secret bonus’ learning activity.

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Configure a rule for course completion and send an instant update to the HR team

This might be used again to send learners a personalised message of congratulations or it might be the trigger for an internal process such as bonus payment or an update to the Staff Directory to list the learner as a trained First Aider.

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Set up an event notification rule so the L&D team can receive notification of course evaluation submissions

Feedback forms can be configured so the trainer in a course can receive notification of a submission, but often training teams are the ones who collate and process the results of these evaluations.

Using Event monitoring, the L&D team can receive a note that a course evaluation has been submitted within a specific course.

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Create an event rule to receive an instant update when a learner registers their interest in a seminar event

A Seminar Event can be set to allow learners to register their interest in attending a training session before a date has been confirmed. 

By subscribing to this event notification, a  trainer can send on relevant pre-reading or other resources prior to date confirmation and attendance.

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Track access to an area within the site including main menu items, reports, activities or resources

In order to help Totara Learn administrators to assess which areas or learning items are popular and those which may not being viewed, you can create an event monitoring rule to track access to specific reports, activities and resources or for main menu items.

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Create an alert when a badge has been issued either at the site or course level

Earning a badge not only indicates a learner has acquired a new set of skills or knowledge but may also correspond to new responsibilities, an updated job assignment or even a pay rise.  

Alerting the HR team when a badge has been issued can kick off any update process.

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Create an event rule so the HR team can receive a notification when external evidence has been added by a learner

When a learner uploads evidence of external learning, a validation process may be required so a learner’s competency rating may be adjusted accordingly.

An event subscription could generate a message sent to the HR Team to initiate this process and establish whether the learner is entitled to credit/RPL.

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