Access world-class learning expertise at the EMEA Totara User Conference

With just a few short weeks to go until our first-ever EMEA Totara User Conference, we thought it was time to delve into some of the Totara Partner-led sessions we have lined up for you on day two of the conference. Day two is all about learning from the Totara Partners, all of whom support the global Totara network with their expertise and deep understanding of how to create great learning.

We have also split the day into two streams, giving you the freedom to choose which of our mix-and-match sessions best suit your needs and interests. So, what’s on the agenda?

  • Session 1 - Totara Content Marketplace: Connecting your Totara Learn users with the world's best content (run by GO1)

    Hosted by our content partner, GO1, this is a BYOD session for Totara customers interested in enriching their Totara Learn instances with an extensive library of 200,000+ e-learning courses, created by the world’s best content providers. Delegates will learn how to explore the marketplace and create Totara multi-activity courses using GO1 content. After which, GO1 consultants will have 1:1 sessions with delegates, in order to understand their content needs and help curate their first custom collection library. As an added bonus, everyone who attends this session can redeem up to £2,500 worth of Totara Content Marketplace premium content.

    Recommended for: Anyone looking for a comprehensive library of learning content to populate their learning platform.

  • Session 2 - Social learning for serious results: Power to the learner? (run by Kineo)

    We all know how critical it is to be able to show the value of our investment in learning. But is it always possible to measure, and would we even want to? When it comes to social learning – and the idea that we learn best collaboratively and by sharing – there are so many ways that organisations and individuals can benefit. In this session, Kineo explores the impact that social tools have on learning, how we can give control of learning back to employees, and whether the key to understanding its value lies in design.

    Recommended for: Anyone interested in leveraging social learning in their organisation, or anyone looking for the tools to take their social learning programme to the next level.

  • Session 3 - Getting the most from your Totara Learn LMS

    At this session we'll take you through how to setup a beautiful yet effective end-to-end user experience for both learner and manager using our new easy-to-use tabs, hotspot and KPI blocks. We’ll show you how to surface key information such as learner and team compliance in a simple yet visually attractive dashboard. Finally we’ll demonstrate how to deliver and track a simple learning campaign to push users to your platform and keep them engaged.

    Recommended for: Newcomers to Totara Learn, and anyone looking for extra support in getting their LMS up and running.

  • Session 4 - Totara Learn: The best-fit LMS for compliance and engagement in the UK healthcare sector (run by Think Learning)

    In this interactive presentation, we’ll showcase Totara Learn as the best-fit LMS for the healthcare sector, demonstrating why the 2017 Totara Award for ‘Best Use of Totara to Ensure Compliance’ was won with a healthcare-based case study. Totara Learn is gaining significant traction in the healthcare sector because of its flexibility in areas including personalisation, integration (e-commerce, external content platforms, and HR/Payroll solutions), compliance targeting and reporting, blended learning delivery, and light-touch technical requirements. Building on our compliance credentials, Think Learning (co-presenting with customers) will also showcase innovative engagement and re-engagement techniques and approaches in Totara Learn, including a mix of core features and Think Learning customisations and enhancements. Compliance is at the heart of what we do, but we see learner re-engagement as a key ingredient in supporting organisations to maximise their LMS ROI.

    Recommended for: Learning professionals in the healthcare sector, or other highly regulated industries with major compliance requirements.

  • Session 5 - Analysing Totara data with Zoola Analytics (run by Lambda Solutions)

    Zoola Analytics is an award-winning, cloud-based reporting and analytics solution for Totara Learn that allows you to prove the impact of your Learning. Zoola gives complete and secure access to your data, stunning reports and dashboards, embedded reports, and automated delivery.

    During this session, we will give an overview of Zoola Analytics that shows you how create and embed your own interactive and insightful reports and dashboards. We will show how to use progress reports to make sure your Learners are completing Programs and Courses on time. We will show you how to use Zoola to measure course engagement with Feedback, Log, and Time Spent data. We will show you how analysing Quiz and Quiz Questions data can improve course effectiveness. This engaging and interactive session will turn your dream of data-driven learning strategy into a reality.

    Recommended for: Learning professionals looking to improve their understanding of reporting and analytics.

  • Session 6 - Best practice for the implementation of Totara Learn in healthcare (run by Chambury Learning Solutions)

    A session on best practice implementation of Totara Learn in the NHS to support transparent compliance monitoring to meet CQC audit standards, appraisal completions, staff development and full end user engagement (over 96%).

    Hear from healthcare learning professionals from York and Hull NHS trusts showcasing a real life five-year scenario from initial deployment to established site with an engaged learner audience.

    Recommended for: Learning professionals in the healthcare sector looking to tackle a range of industry-specific challenges.

  • Session 7 - Complete automation of your training programmes with Totara Learn (run by Engage in Learning)

    Whether it be compliance training, onboarding or management development, Engage in Learning will talk you through how to use core functionality of Totara Learn to achieve hands-free automation of enrolling the right learners on the right courses at the right time.

    Recommended for: Users looking to automate the learning process without customisations.

Time is running out to grab one of the last remaining spaces, so if you'd like to join us and take advantage of so many Totara experts in one place, we highly recommend that you register for the EMEA Totara User Conference today to maximise the value you're getting from your platform.

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