Catch up with 5 of our top Totara Community webinars

As part of our vibrant Totara Community, we run regular webinars about absolutely everything to do with workplace learning, performance and engagement, whether that’s gamification, personalization or even developing your own e-learning content. We’re always delighted to see so much interest in these webinars, and it also gives us an interesting insight into what learning professionals are interested in today. 

In this post, we’re sharing five of our most popular webinars from the last year, so make sure you’ve joined the Totara Community so you can access all of our recordings for free…

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1. Design tips for learning design

Visual Design Lead Matt Stokes ran a fascinating webinar filled with practical tips for learning designers looking to hone their visual design skills. When it comes to learning, looks really do matter, so this webinar gave an interesting insight into some of the common mistakes we make when we’re considering the visual appearance of our learning platforms, courses and content, and how we can ensure the look and feel does our learning justice.


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2. Personalizing the learner's experience with Totara Learn

Personalized learning is going nowhere - and in fact, today’s learners expect a customized learning experience. Senior Solutions Consultant Meredith Henson explores some of the best ways that Totara users can tailor their platform to the needs of individual learners, teams or departments, so this is a must-watch for anyone looking to take their Totara Learn solution to the next level.


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3. Creating responsive e-learning with the Adapt authoring tool

If you’re a fan of all things open source, Jordan Ash demonstrates how he used the Adapt authoring tool to build training content in the Totara Academy. This webinar covers the interactions and components available in Adapt and how to upload an Adapt SCORM package to your Totara Learn site, taking you from the content creation process right through to getting your Adapt content online.


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4. Ruthlessly relevant: how can we engage the modern learner?

When we’re competing against smartphones, packed schedules and an ever-growing list of resources, how can we engage our learners? The answer? Ensuring that what we have to offer is ruthlessly relevant. Bianca Baumann borrows from modern marketing techniques to reveal how learning professionals can leverage learner personas and marketing campaigns to capture the imagination and attention of our learners.


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5. The learner social contract

Senior Learning Strategist Lori Niles-Hofmann delves into the top ten key barriers to workplace learners, and offers up her take on the practical actions you can take to ensure that your people are getting what they need from you. She turns the spotlight onto contingent workers, who are becoming an increasingly significant group in today’s workforce, and identifies opportunities we are missing in terms of the training we are offering them - especially when it comes to reskilling in today’s volatile world.


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