Everything you need to know about Totara Learn 10

Great news - we’ve just released Totara Learn 10!

We have a bunch of new features that will benefit partners and subscribers alike. Totara Learn 10 includes 150 improvements over and above useful improvements from Moodle 3.1 and 3.2. Some are large and visible, others are focused on improving the platform under the covers. Our community can start using these features straight away by visiting our help site and provide feedback in our community forums.

Featured Links block

You can now create custom graphic-based navigation across the site using your own uploaded images, giving you more control over the look and feel of your LMS.

The Featured Links block allows administrators to upload any number of images to create tile based navigation. These tiles can be static, form a gallery of rotating images or act as links to specific courses within your site.  Static and gallery images can link to internal pages or external sites and offer a variety of display options.

360 Feedback self assessment

Totara Learn LMS

Users can add their own evaluations for a fully rounded review process, ensuring everyone’s input is taken into the account for performance reviews.

The 360° Feedback tool has been extended so assessment forms can include optional or mandatory self evaluation. Individuals will be able to compare their own assessment against other responses to help identify their strengths, weaknesses and any professional development requirements.

Progress bars include activity completion

Course completion progress bars now represent the number of tracked course activities a learner has completed.

Progress bars within Learning Plans and the Current Learning block now display the percentage of activities and resources within a course (with completion criteria) a learner has completed. This offers a more granular view of progress for both the learner and their manager.

Recycle bin

Totara Learn LMS

Allows you to quickly restore accidentally deleted courses or activities.

The Recycle bin holds deleted courses, activities and resources for a period of time before they are removed completely from the site. These items can be restored directly from the Recycle Bin if required.

New messaging and notification interfaces

Quickly view your notifications and messages, and set your alert and task preferences.

The notifications and messaging areas have seen a refresh to the user interface to make it easier to read notifications and choose how you receive important system messages.

Tag collections

Create different sets of standard tags for different areas of your site.

Different standard (previously called official) tags can be assigned to various areas or learning items within your site. Tags can be automatically added to a collection according to the area tagged or can be added manually as standard tags.

User Tours

Totara Learn LMS

Create on-screen guided tours for new users or new features within your Totara Learn site.

User Tours allow you to create automated walkthroughs for certain areas or functionality within Totara Learn, aimed at specific user groups.  Users can end the tour at any time, navigate back and forth through the steps, or reset the tour and replay it as many times as they want.

Report Builder Updates

The Report Builder now features a number of new report sources, columns and filters, alongside general performance improvements.

Totara Learn’s Report Builder now provides an even wider range of options, and allows organisations with a small or large pool of users to efficiently generate meaningful analytics on their learning and development.

Instant learning access for self-registered users

Learners are added to dynamic audiences as soon as they register on the site, allowing them access to all assigned courses, programs and certifications.

When your learners register themselves on your Totara Learn site, they’ll be immediately added to any corresponding dynamic audiences and assigned the associated courses, programs and certifications.

Self-registration with approval

This new authentication plugin requires administrations to approve access for any self-registered user.

Whether it’s to check learner credentials or to issue invoices, administrators can ‘approve’ a self-registered user before they are granted access to the system.

Administrators can view a list of ‘pending registrations’ to ensure the right users have access to the right learning.

Proficiency achieved date

The date on which a user attained a level of proficiency for a competency is now recorded within their Learning Plan.

When a learner demonstrates or achieves a new level of proficiency for a competency, the date of this change is recorded within their Learning Plan and can be added to competency reporting.

Appraisal Message Placeholders

Automated appraisal messages can now be personalised for each recipient.

When adding custom messages to an appraisal form, you can now create personalised messages for learner and managers using a range of placeholders, including information such as due dates and the user’s current stage.

Course Completion Editor

Activity and course completions can now be edited directly within a new dedicated course administration interface.

A new course completion editor (and accompanying role capability) allows permitted users to edit a learner’s course and activity completion status within a course, and track their progress towards overall completion.

New Badge Criteria

Totara Learn LMS

Badges can now issued for the completion of programs or audience membership.

Site-level badges may be awarded to users based on completion of a program or based on belonging to a particular audience, providing a range of exciting options around badging.

Job Assignment Import Source

Totara Learn LMS

HR Import now supports the upload of a dedicated Job Assignments file.

A new Job Assignment element is available within HR Import, allowing administrators to import multiple job assignments for a user, and update and delete existing job assignments.

Browse user list now an embedded report

Customise your user search page and export your filtered results.

The browse user page is now an embedded report, customisable through the Totara Report Builder. Add custom columns, searches and filters, and apply position or organisation content controls.

We're already working on designs for what will come in Totara Learn 11 and will be releasing these features as they are ready in our Evergreen version. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to find out more.

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