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Just starting to get to grips with Totara but need a bit of help?

Totara Partner Lambda Solutions has released a series of webinar recordings to help you get to know Totara, with topics ranging from system integrations to compliance to selecting the right LMS and more. Take a look at the videos below to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for using key features and functionality in Totara.

Lambda Solutions

To Totara or to Moodle? That is the Question.

5 Tips on Choosing the Right LMS

2017-09-13 10.00 3 LMS Features That Increase Engagement

2017-10-18 10.00 Interconnecting your LMS Integrations

How to Easily Create Interactive Content In Your LMS

4 Emerging LMS Fundamentals You Need to Know

How to Make Compliance Programs Simple Yet Effective

A Day at the Troubleshooting Range: Persistence in Finding Assistance

Ability and Appliance: Using Competency and Compliance for Totara

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