Exploring the Freedom to Learn with Totara Learn's Content Marketplace

Totara Learning recently released Version 12 of the popular open source learning management system, Totara Learn, which includes a brand new feature - the Content Marketplace. 

Totara Learn 12 now gives you access to a range of free and paid-for learning content from our trusted content partners via the Content Marketplace. You can import SCORM-based content into your LMS to extend your existing catalogue or supplement existing courses. 

Totara Partners and other content providers can implement their own Content Marketplace plugins or use the GO1 marketplace included in Totara Learn 12. 

The GO1 and Totara Partnership

The GO1 and Totara Learning partnership unlocks a new learning and administrative experience for the 10 million+ Totara Learn customers by making GO1's compliance, professional development and general training marketplace readily available, directly through Totara Learn 12. The partnership will enable Totara Site Administrators and Content Creators to experience and explore the immense GO1 content library - which currently has over 1000 course titles, and develop new courses or supplement existing courses with content selected from the marketplace. 

Totara GO1 Content Marketplace


By enabling the GO1 Content Marketplace in Totara Learn 12, users will benefit from: 

  • Simple set-up: it takes only one click to activate the content marketplace within your Totara Learn instance
  • Users can access content settings to create a Custom Collection of content, most relevant to their organisation
  • Helpful search filters that make it easy and quick to explore the content marketplace
  • A detailed course overview feature enabling users to view an outline of each learning item before they use it in their course
  • Totara Learn users can feel confident in the accuracy of GO1 content, with the SCORM-based content which is updated automatically but its expert course authors, saving administrators time to update content and ensuring users are always compliant.
Totara GO1 Course Overview


Simplify Training with GO1 and Totara Learn Content Marketplace

Managing training across any organisation can be challenging with multiple stakeholders involved on both sides of the table, training providers, LMS platforms and we know it can get tricky managing multiple relationships, budgets, and business needs.  This can be costly and leave you feeling unclear about what exactly you're getting yourself into, or what's included in your e-learning training packages. By simply using the new GO1 Content Marketplace feature with Totara Learn 12, you're getting a world-learning learning management system combined with over 1,000 of the best professional and compliance learning courses in the world, and you have the power to curate these titles based on your business needs. By combining a flexible, cost-effective LMS with a comprehensive off-the-shelf e-learning catalogue, Totara Learn users now have two of the key tools required to deliver a successful training programme to learners without having to spend a fortune on duplicating content that already exists, or have to manage relationships with multiple vendors. Ready, set, simplify! 

Learn more about the Content Marketplace at upcoming Totara User Conferences 

Totara Learning is hosting multiple User Conferences in 2019, including the APAC User Conference in March 2019, and the EMEA User Conference in London May 2019. The team from GO1 will be hosting workshops at both Totara User Conferences, which will be a deep dive into how to use the Content Marketplace plugin, and how L&D professionals can create effective learning plans with the e-learning courses available. The Totara Learning product teams will also be onsite to share more details about the features and functionalities of the latest Totara Learn 12 release. 

Want to learn more about Totara Learn 12? 

We’ve put all of this information together into a handy Totara Learn 12 info sheet for your convenience, and you can also check out this page for more detail about what’s new in Totara Learn 12. If you're interested in receiving a demo of the latest release, contact us today for more information.