GDPR - the data protection regulation that affects you and your LMS

This post originally appeared on the Xtractor website (in Swedish).

On 25th May 2018, the EU's new data protection regulation will come into force. With this, new demands will be placed on how we handle personal data in our organisations, for example, our customers and employees.

Most of us have probably already heard of this regulation, called GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. Many are in full swing with their preparations, this also applies to Totara Partners like Xtractor.

Totara Learn LMS

We know GDPR is high on the agenda of many of our customers' HR and education departments at the moment. For this reason, in November 2017, Xtractor held a webinar on how the new data protection regulation affects the handling of personal data in Totara Learn. Further down you will find presentation as well as recording from the webinar.

During the webinar, Xtractor reviewed the following basics of GDPR, how it affects Totara Learn and how it will affect your organisation's LMS:

  • Legal basis - In order to be allowed to process personal data, there must always be support in the Data Protection Ordinance.
  • The right to data protection - Organisations that process personal data must ensure sufficiently high data protection.
  • Right of access - The data subject is entitled to receive information when processing his/her personal data.
  • Right to correction - Every person has the right to turn to a company or agency that processes personal data and ask for incorrect information corrected.
  • Right to be notified - There are certain occasions when specific information is provided to the data subject; for example, if there is a data violation or the like (a personal data incident) of the person responsible and there is a risk of identity theft or fraud.
  • Right to data in portable format - The person who has provided his/her personal data may in some cases be entitled to access and use his/her personal information elsewhere; for example, in another social media service (the right to data portability).
  • Right to be forgotten - Every person has the right to turn to a company or authority that processes personal data and request that the data relating to him or her be deleted.

Webinar about GDPR and your LMS

You can find the slides and the webinar recording in Swedish below. However, if you would like an explanation in English, please contact Xtractor or the Totara team, who will be able to give you the latest information about our GDPR work.




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