Getting to grips with Totara Learn

As is the case with any learning platform, if you’re new to Totara Learn, you may well be wondering where to start.

If you’ve already joined the Totara Academy to work your way through the introductory courses there, you may be pleased to know that even more help is at hand. Totara Platinum Partner Lambda Solutions has put together The Complete Totara Learn User Guide, split into three parts to help you at every stage of your journey. So what can you find in the guide?

Part one: Getting started

Lambda Solutions Totara User Guide Chapter 1

So you’ve just subscribed to Totara Learn, you've explored the system a bit, but you’re still pretty much a beginner - or maybe you used Totara Learn many years ago, but need to brush up on all the new features and functionality. No problem - part one is all about getting started with Totara Learn. It'll help you get up and running and discover tips and tricks for setting up your learning platform.

Download part one

Part two: Basic features

Lambda Solutions Totara User Guide Chapter 2

Once you've completed the beginner’s courses in the Totara Academy and read part one of the user guide, it’s time for part two, which focuses on some of Totara Learn’s essential features. Part two will help you understand more about course organisation, user management, how to manage compliance and how to get started with customising your learning platform with plugins from the open source network.

Download part two

Part three: Advanced features

Lambda Solutions Totara User Guide Chapter 3

Whether you want to complete your Totara Learn onboarding journey or have been a user for a while, part three covers some of Totara Learn’s most useful advanced features to help you take your solution to the next level. Part three looks at advanced learning management, including HR Import and hierarchies, managing and improving learner performance, automated certifications and proving the ROI of your efforts with reporting. The final part of this guide will help you get more out of your learning platform and create a solution that admins, managers and learners will love.

Download part three

It’s completely free to download all three parts, and don’t forget to join the Totara Academy to hit the ground running!