H5P – a way to further enrich interactive content in Totara Learn

This is a guest post from Xtractor's Rickard Skiöld.

When Xtractor joined the Totara community some four years ago, we also took our first steps into the open source world. At that time, open source was also almost unheard of in corporate learning in Sweden. Since then, in addition to the success with Totara Learn, we’ve also successfully launched the open source authoring tool Adapt in Scandinavia.

So, when we discovered that there is a new open source kid in town, naturally we were eager to find out more. The new kid is H5P, a collection of HTML5-based, open source interactive modules suitable for various learning purposes. The vision behind H5P is to 'empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content'.

This week, the first ever H5P conference was held in Tromsø, an exotic city situated in a breathtaking beautiful Norwegian landscape, well north of the Arctic Circle. 

Totara Learn LMS

The three-day conference was attended by twice as many attendees as anticipated, arriving from 18 countries all around the world. Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Slovenia, UK… the list could go on.

Attendees were both from the academic and the corporate learning world, with one thing in common – a lot of interest in how H5P could enhance web-based learning. In a true open source spirit, the conference consisted of presentations and workshops, ending with a community hackathon. 

Totara Learn LMS

At Xtractor, we’re now looking forward to move on with adding H5P into our learning recipe. Even though we already provide excellent ingredients such as Totara Learn and Adapt, we believe that H5P can truly enhance the experience - for course creators, trainers and learners alike.

H5P already consists of a large number of interactive content types. According to us, and many others, the crown-jewel is interactive video – which have the power and simplicity to finally make interactive and engaging videos a mainstream application. 

Finally, how about support for Totara Learn? Well, there’s already an activity plugin, making the H5P content types directly available in your (and our) favourite LMS. Freedom to extend, freedom to learn!