Hear from Totara subscribers at the EMEA Totara User Conference

With a whopping 245 case studies live on our website, we’re certainly not shy about celebrating the successes of our global Totara user base. However, we’re really excited to offer you the chance to see the people behind these fantastic projects talking about them in-person at our first EMEA Totara User Conference, taking place in London on 15th-16th May.

On day 1, we have secured several brilliant customer speakers to share their insights into implementing Totara in their own organisations, and this is your exclusive opportunity to hear directly from them about what worked, what didn’t and any tips for your own Totara projects.

Then on day 2, some of our Totara Partners have invited their customers along to their sessions to help dive into their areas of expertise in more detail. Attendees at our recent APAC Totara User Conference in Melbourne found hearing from users with first-hand experience of using Totara invaluable, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity for a candid insight into working with Totara and our partners.

Find out what we have lined up for you below…

APAC Totara user conference

Agora: building UNICEF’s global hub for learning with Totara Learn
Abel Henry, Learning and Technology Officer, UNICEF

UNICEF is one of the world’s best-known not-for-profit organisations, and needed a learning platform to support a diverse range of learning needs all over the world and with a decentralised learning team. Three years, and more than 250,000 course completions after the launch of Agora, UNICEF’s platform, Abel Henry will be sharing an overview of the project scope and history. He will also be presenting two original developments: a custom development plan interface building on Totara Learn’s core features, and an original set of solutions to build learning paths.

You’re in control
Daniel Bond, Education and Development Advisor, NHS Hull & East Yorkshire

Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust needed a way to meet the demand for personalised learning and individual control, and chose Totara Learn to help address these needs. Daniel Bond will talk about how the Trust is currently using Totara Learn to host e-learning, face-to-face seminars and appraisals, as well as revealing how users can be empowered to manage both their own learning and the learning of the staff they manage.

Getting social with Mable - how Mitchells & Butlers used a personal trainer to build a social learning community
Charlie Eades, Learning Design Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

Mitchells & Butlers have built a mobile-first platform that encourages progression through gamification, peer-to-peer learning and social feedback. This creative, award-winning solution puts Mable, an elderly gym instructor, at the heart of the learning programme, which is an integral part of the fresh, comical branding of the platform. Charlie Eades will reveal how one feisty old lady managed to drive an ROI of 400% for Mitchells & Butlers and significantly impacted key business metrics to prove the effectiveness of the learning accessed through the platform. This is a must-watch session for anyone looking to implement social learning in their own organisation.

Using Totara Learn as a central platform in a decentralised organisation
Mario Perilli, Head of New Learning Solutions, Deutsche Bahn

Mario Perilli will share his experiences of using Totara Learn as the central learning platform for the whole Deutsche Bahn group, including quick wins and challenges in meeting the needs of the DB Training Academy service. He will cover how Totara Learn functionality has been used within the organisation’s limitations, and will also reveal Deutsche Bahn’s plans for next steps and future expectations, including increasing the use of mobile learning and managing platform performance.

Creating a first-class user experience
Lindsay Barrie, L&D Business Partner, AG Barr

AG Barr struggled to engage learners with their initial LMS implementation, leaving employees somewhat resistant to digital learning. Lindsay Barrie will share how they responded to this challenge with their Learning Technologies Award-winning Totara Learn to successfully reengage employees, including their use of gamification and an internal marketing campaign, to win over employees with a first-class user experience. 

The importance of flexibility: migrating from SAP to Totara to promote self-directed learning
Rolf van den Heuvel, Technical Learning Innovation Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

In early 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific migrated from SAP to Totara Learn. Rolf van den Heuvel will share the lessons they learned in the transition towards a skills gap-orientated learning platform, which now enables field service engineers to identify and close those gaps. This session will delve into the visual design, key features used and integrations with other systems and tools to demonstrate how Totara gave Thermo Fisher Scientific the freedom to innovate.

A seamless, responsive learning solution: EULAR’s School of Rheumatology
Geneviève Schärer, Education Programme & Strategic Implementation Manager, EULAR

EULAR, the European League Against Rheumatism, wanted to create a motivating and intuitive digital learning experience for their academy, comprising over 40,000 users. Geneviève Schärer will provide an insight into how EULAR approached this large-scale project, the solution design and the fantastic impact it had on learners, which won the project a 2018 Totara Award.

Future trends: learning and development in a humanitarian context
Atish Gonsalves, Global Innovation Director, Humanitarian Leadership Academy

This forward-looking session will cover future trends in L&D, including gamification, immersive learning, VR, AR, AI and chatbots, along with an exclusive look at how the Humanitarian Leadership Academy is integrating these technologies with its open humanitarian learning platform, Kaya. Atish Gonsalves will discuss examples of innovative learning for organisations working in disaster preparedness and humanitarian response, and will share feedback and challenges from early pilots and user testing. Attendees will come away with ideas for low-cost tools for increasing scalability and engagement, new ideas for using gamification, chatbots and immersive learning in their learning programmes and practical links, resources and toolkits for their own further research.

Ready to hear from subscribers themselves? These speakers will be joined by keynote speaker Lori Niles-Hofmann and André Yamin, Meredith Henson, Michael Ball and Lars Hyland on day 1 of the EMEA Totara User Conference, so don’t miss out and grab one of the remaining tickets today.

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