How to be a savvy Totara subscriber

By Meredith Henson

When you're getting to grips with a new learning platform, it's not always easy to know where to start. It can be a little overwhelming being faced with a whole new platform to explore - especially when the flexibility of open technology empowers you to do virtually whatever you want with it! If you're new to Totara, or simply want to make sure you're maximising the value you get from your system, take a look at our tips for how to be a savvy Totara subscriber.

Know your Totara Learn version

To understand what you can expect from your Totara Learn site, the first step is to check which version of the software you’re using.

After logging in as an administrator, head on over to the Site Administration menu. If it’s a list within a block, click on Notifications to check your version. If the Site Admin menu is a dropdown menu from the main navigation bar, select System Information. The version will be shown below any notifications.

Once you know which version you’re using, you can choose the right version of the Help Documentation and get the most out of the Version Comparison Table.

Admin in Totara Learn 11


Admin in Totara Learn 12

Keep an eye on the release notes

Stay informed about the latest updates to Totara Learn by subscribing to, and reading through, the Release Notes forum on the Totara Community.

Subscribe to release notes in the Totara Community

The release notes contain a lot of information and provide an insight into the various new features, performance and security updates, bug fixes and improvements that are now available in each supported version of Totara Learn.

Understand what's coming next

To understand how Totara Learn is evolving and help plan for upgrades, be aware of what exciting new features and functionality will be available in the next major version. Regularly check on the Product Roadmap and the What’s New in Evergreen pages for the latest information.

Make the most of the Totara Community

The Totara Community offers a variety of useful resources, creates networking opportunities and provides Totara users with a forum to suggest and support new features and improvements.

Post your ideas within the Suggest Totara Learn features forum and add your +1 vote to other ideas so we can understand what’s most important to your organisation.

Suggest features in Totara Community


Upvoting a post in the Totara Community

Join one of the new sector spaces and discuss shared challenges and best practice with like-minded individuals to help your organisation make the most of your learning management system.

Subscribe to the Community newsletter and get the latest news and links to new resources delivered straight to your inbox.

Get in the know

If you’ve ever caught yourself saying (or thinking) ‘I don’t know what I don’t know!’ - there are plenty of ways to find out.

On top of all the support, services and events your Totara Partner will be offering, Totara also provides a range of free webinars (best practice, product focused and Q&A sessions), a comprehensive resources page, a suite of free courses within the Totara Academy and blog posts from industry specialists and thought leaders.

Totara also runs a number of Totara User Conferences across the globe which provide an opportunity to share your success stories with other Totara users, connect with other learning professionals and receive insights into upcoming product developments.

Ready to take your Totara platform to the next level?

Join the Totara Community to connect with thousands of learning professionals worldwide.

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