Infographic: How to maximise your ROI with Totara Learn

L&D teams everywhere know that a key priority for learning professionals today is to do more for less. All stakeholders want to know that their investment is paying off, whether that's through cost savings, increased efficiency or increased productivity and output. Too many organisations fail to collect this information and then struggle to prove the value of their learning management system to their key stakeholders, which can make it difficult to secure extra budget further down the line. 

That's why reporting and learning analytics are built into Totara Learn. It's easy to set up your own custom reports to generate the exact information you need to prove the success of your LMS, whether that's to do with improving assessment results, more people achieving certifications or faster acquisition of skills.

We've put together this handy infographic to show some of the most impressive results that organisations worldwide have achieved with Totara Learn. This includes everything from saving money to improving compliance and delivering award-winning learning to audiences of millions. Please feel free to share this infographic to help us spread the word about the power of open source solutions like Totara Learn.

Totara Learn: ROI

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