Inside look at the New Zealand Totara User Conference

The New Zealand User Conference in Wellington is just a mere five weeks away. We have two amazing days lined up to help members of our homegrown Totara Community get the most out of their learning solutions. 

 If you’re still debating whether or not this event is for you, here's what we're covering off on 7 - 8 August 2019 at the New Zealand Totara User Conference:

Learn something new with hands-on workshops 

We're mixing things up in Wellington this time around! On Day 1, we invite users to curate their day by choosing from a selection of workshops hosted by our partners, Androgogic, Synapsys, Catalyst IT, Kineo, and Learning Works. Attendees at our recent APAC Totara User Conference in Melbourne and at our first ever EMEA User Conference in London found hearing from users with the first-hand experience of using Totara invaluable, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity for a candid insight into working with Totara and our partners.

Workshops at a glance - H5P to Audiences, VR and more 

Morning Registration opens at 8:15 am, and attendees will have the opportunity to select a workshop from each stream. 

Stream 1: 9.00 - 11.00 am

  • Workshop 1 - Hosted by Catalyst IT. H5P, saying goodbye to SCORM: an introductory session for content creators to the open source plugin for Totara called H5P. This will be a practical session with an opportunity to build a course presentation, column, drag and drop a question and a hotspot activity. Suitable for beginners to intermediate users looking to extend their knowledge and see some practical example of H5P being used in Totara to deliver content.
  • Workshop 2 - Hosted by Kineo. People insights: using people data to drive learning impact: develop an understanding of L&D’s relationship with data and how to use it more effectively within L&D and across your organisation.

Stream 2: 11.30 - 13.30 pm

  • Workshop 3 - Hosted by Catalyst IT. Find the Audience superhero in you: develop a special set of superhero skillsand useyour superpowers to plan and manage Audiences.
  • Workshop 4 - Hosted by Synapsys. Out the Box; The Art of Configuration.

Stream 3: 14.30 - 16.30 pm

  • Workshop 5 - Hosted by LearningWorks. Working smartly with course custom fields: how to use course custom fields with courses, programs, course catalogue and to create great reports.
  • Workshop 6 - Hosted by Androgogic Experience API: A practical application solving real-world problems. The session will explore xAPI including how it merged and why and how it works. It will then explore a practical example of xAPI in action in the interoperation of learning records across institutions in various sectors, and how it can be used to support learning and teaching in the workplace.

Hear tips and tricks from expert users on Day 2 

On day 2 of the User Conference, we have secured several brilliant customer speakers to share their insights into implementing Totara in their own organisations. This is your exclusive opportunity to hear directly from them about what worked, what didn’t and any tips for your own Totara projects. Here are just some of the speakers you'll get a chance to hear from at the event: 

Austin Health - Totara User Conference (APAC)

Building Learning Engagement with Nana Jones & Jeanette Sasse, Learning Designers, Kiwibank. 

How can we start to embed a Growth Mindset in our organisation? How can we create a visual path to mastery to support our employees learning? This case study is aimed for Course Creators and Site Administrators with basic course configuration knowledge. We will explore why the Course Activity Display Plugin was developed for Kiwibank and how it has been implemented to create learning pathways which encourage employees to own their learning and development.

In this session you will learn:

  • The importance of encouraging a growth mindset within an organisation
    • How the Activity Status Display Plugin is being implemented to support:
      • Speed to competency
      • Learner engagement
      • Learner knowledge retention
      • Blended learning
    • How to Activity Status Display functions on a course page
      • Basic configuration 
      • Relationship with other course page functions

    Nana and Jeanette's session will then lead to a roundtable discussion on learner engagement. 

    Onboarding staff with the On-the-Job Plugin - Josleen Itayi, Perioperative Nurse Educator & PDRP Coordinator, Braemar Hospital 

    Josleen will share her experiences on how Braemar Hospital is using the OJT activity module to track, monitor, and sign off learning activities during the orientation period for new nurses in the clinical area.

    The traditional orientation handbooks were bulky, a challenge for Managers to track, were lost or simply not completed within the given orientation timeframes or not at all. After the orientation period, nurses’ knowledge and skills on some required learning activities were identified as an area of improvement. In addition, not having enough evidence of orientation completion created an issue with the external auditors. With the implementation of Totara in 2018, the OJT activity module was identified as a  solution with great results. Clinical Managers have visibility and can track, monitor and sign off orientation activities completed. Orientation compliance has improved and earlier challenges eliminated.

    In this session, users will understand how the OJT activity module can empower the new employee, support person and their Manager as an improvement in orientation compliance, which will lead to a further discussion amongst the group on onboarding. 

    Shared Practice Breakout Sessions

    Kelvin Hylton, VTNZ: Using audience visibility to create a diverse learning experience for different learner groups.

    This session will explore Audience Based Visibility, how it was used to create a ‘multi-tenancy feel’ and why and how it works. Attendees will learn how you can have two themes running concurrently for different groups of users to deliver effective learning.

    In this session you will learn:

    • How site wide user-based themes were used to deliver a particular theme based on a user’s custom profile field.
    • How Dashboards were used to display their own elements on the page, by assigning them to respective audiences.
    • How to separate courses from different audiences through the visibility field of the course catalogue categories.

    Ange Robinson, Family Planning: Extending and tailoring your LMS; how family planning uses smart, low-budget customised solutions to meet learning needs.

    Family Planning, a charitable organisation, presented their Totara Partner, CatalystIT, with a whole new challenge when they submitted their specifications to them for what an LMS/Totara needed to do for their organisation. Initially, the specifications didn’t include functionality around invoicing and payments, so Catalyst came to the rescue with a customised solution, tailored to their client’s needs. This session will demonstrate to learning & development professionals and management how an LMS can be tailored to your needs on a low budget.

    In this session you will learn how:

    • A tailored invoicing and payments solution was developed to meet specific and unusual requirements
    • A course waitlist solution was created that put control in the hands of the administrators
    • A new solution integrates with the organisation’s accounting system and helps to manage bottlenecks
    • Family Planning is taking its invoicing and payments solution to the next stage.
    • Catalyst supported Family Planning to look at efficient and cost-effective solutions to make their LMS hum.

    Ben Shields, Department of Internal Affairs: At Long Last: DIA's Journey to Totara 12

    Ben Shields takes us through the preparation work and steps the team at DIA took to upgrade their Totara Learn LMS to Version 12. In this session, Ben will cover off: 

    • Key preparation points about upgrading your LMS
    • Steps taken to ensure data is migrated successfully 
    • How the team can work with the business to ensure a successful upgrade of enterprise technology. 


    Get the inside scoop from the Totara team

    Rachel Totara Community Update

    The Totara team will be onsite at the User Conference and sharing insights on what's next with the Totara roadmap, including a birds-eye view of some upcoming products, what's new with our bustling Totara Community sites including new Industry specific user groups to connect with some like-minded users, and more.

    This is a great chance to not only connect with the Totara team, but with your Totara partner who will be in attendance supporting the community. We can't wait to see you in Wellington this August!

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