International Women’s Day 2022: How women can #BreakTheBias at work

By Kayleigh Tanner

It’s International Women’s Day! For International Women’s Day 2022, the theme is #BreakTheBias - and as any woman will tell you, work is a common source of bias. Women often find themselves interrupted, disregarded, ignored and underestimated, and it’s common for women to find themselves frozen out of opportunities extended to their male counterparts. Aside from the well-known gender pay gap and overt sexual harassment, bias manifests in many more subtle ways. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, we asked the talented women of Totara for their views on how to #BreakTheBias in the workplace.

Riana Rossouw, Totara

“Be yourself. No need to do things just to become 'one of the boys'.”
- Riana Rossouw, Senior PHP Developer

Rachel Griffith-Boyes, Totara

“Make sure that authentic female voices are heard and respected, and that working practices that support women’s success are widespread at all levels.”
- Rachel Griffith-Boyes, Head of Community Services

Beatriz HC Totara

“We should eliminate all stereotypes that dictate how women and men should behave to be free and get the equality we all deserve.”
- Beatriz Hermida Camacho, Midweight Visual Designer


Domi Sinclair, Totara

“Review hiring processes, which can inadvertently be biased. Don't accept bias as part of life.”
- Domi Sinclair, Technical Writer

Meredith Henson, Totara

“It is very easy to get frustrated when being ignored or underestimated. However, bias and stereotypes will eventually be broken by demonstrations of ability, excellence and perseverance.”
- Meredith Henson, Head of Partner Success

Lorna Reith, Totara

“Stop to think whether your feelings about a situation would be different if a man was involved instead of a woman.” 
- Lorna Reith, Senior Financial Planning Analyst

Kate Handley, Totara

“If we don’t have more women making it to the top, we won’t change things across the board. More diversity helps everyone - businesses that are balanced do better in all ways.”
- Kate Handley, Head of Brand

Kayleigh Tanner, Totara

“Make sure your women get the same public recognition as your men, whether that means media appearances, school outreach or even appearing in your marketing materials.”
- Kayleigh Tanner, Creative Marketing Manager

Ania Harman, Totara

“There is more to be done for young women to help them see themselves having a career in STEM.”
- Ania Harman, APAC Channel Marketing Manager

Nicole Lyons, Totara

“We need to be brave to challenge the status quo. Even the quieter voices should be and need to be heard.”
- Nicole Lyons, Head of People and Culture

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