Lessons from Learnapalooza XL and the call for continuous learning

The annual Learnapalooza XL Conference in Seattle is not your ordinary conference, and our very own Caped Crusader from the Open Source Brigade, Chloe Leon was able to attend and shares her highlights from the event. 

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It was my second year being welcomed into this talented group, and this year it managed to defy my expectations, yet again. There is something special about how the ambassadors of the event pour their heart and soul into curating a meaningful programme. When you are in this environment, it is evident that all involved love what they do and are motivated to make a positive impact within their community.

This year’s theme, ‘Superhero You: Bridge Your Skills Gap’ could not have been more timely. The purpose of Learnapalooza is to disrupt the status quo of what it means to be learning professional, from a place of genuine care and consideration for our global workforces, in what we know is the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Totara Lambda Learnapalooza

Change is already amongst us, but how prepared are you? 

Keynote speakers highlighted how technical innovation is rapidly transforming the world of work as we know it. These changes are coming at an exponential rate, we must ensure our attitudes and actions towards adult learning are innovative enough to keep up with the demand for emergent roles and skills required. It is not all doom and gloom though, we have an authentic community of professionals looking to make an impact and come to the rescue, aiding individuals and businesses build necessary expertise. Shelly Holt, VP of Learning and Development at Expedia, quoted Jacob Morgan who said, “for the future employee it’s not knowledge that is the most important but the employee’s ability to learn new things and apply those learnings to new situations and scenarios that come up.” This emphasised how important it is for us to teach our growing workforce a core set of human skills so that they are equipped to manage whatever new challenge they may face with confidence. The key to imparting these adaptable skills successfully, is by building learning programmes into the flow of a learners regular workday, in other words, meeting the learner where they are. Creating an ecosystem of ongoing learning fully integrated with their day to day productivity tools can help embed this learning and build a culture of practice so that talent can flourish within organisations.

eBook: A New Era of Learning Technology Provision

Four Freedoms Totara ebook

Our latest eBook explores Totara's Four Freedoms, why the business world is changing and what we believe organisations need to do to keep up. 

Continuous learning is the recipe for success

We appreciated the creativity of all those delivering materials, from the speed learning rounds to improv and even a digital escape room. Not only was it clear from the vibrant buzz of the sessions that those in attendance were having fun, but these teaching methods really came with irrefutable impact. Some of our speakers even brought us to tears with their inspiring stories such as Learnapalooza organiser and Chief Disrupter, Darren Nerland, who told us the story of an incredible man who managed to create a successful business and change the course of industry, by nurturing his intellectual curiosity. In a nutshell, the world of education and work is irrevocably evolving. Learnapalooza facilitates this dynamic, diverse community made up of phenomenal professionals doing their utmost to provide the practical guidance and support to keep up with the demand put on learning departments.

Learnapalooza Panel

Totara in the Community

As a sponsor, Totara is very proud to support these local communities with their mission to innovate in this world and find the freedom to break free from the chains of the expected. Don’t forget that all year long there is support available from your local heroes, get involved by joining the Learnapalooza Linkedin or Facebook pages, as well as the free Totara Community.

Catch us ATD ICE 2019 in Washington, DC! 

We'll be chatting with the community again at ATD ICE 2019 in Washington, DC May 19 - 22, where we will be joined with our Platinum Partners, Remote Learner, eThink Education, Synegen, Moonami and GO1.


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