Meet the 2019 APAC Totara User Conference Speakers

By Georgia Green

With just five weeks to go until our APAC Totara User Conference in Melbourne, we’re turning our attention to our speakers, who will be presenting a whole host of sessions to inspire you to embrace the freedom to learn.

We’ve managed to secure some fantastic speakers who will be covering a range of topics in L&D, so if you’re still considering booking a ticket but haven’t got round to it yet, take a look at our lineup of experts…

Keynote: Making the ordinary, extraordinary: living a legacy through learning

“It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is.” – George Will

Too often we are fed the notion that only extraordinary individuals can have an impact or leave a legacy. Instead, what if it is more about Living a Legacy that truly makes a lasting impact? So, what does it mean to live your legacy? And, how would you know?

Being a passionate learning professional, one vehicle for making a difference is through the creation of learning in its many and varied forms. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to remember the bigger picture when we are immersed in the details and challenges of getting the job done.

In this session, Dr. Melissa Bordogna will discuss ways to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through gaining a deeper insight into ourselves and then translating that insight into inspired action by living our core values daily. Also, how by raising our standards it is easier to reach our goals and positively impact the Futurebilities for ourselves, others and our organisations.

Dr Melissa Bordogna is an internationally known speaker, educator, award-winning learning designer and human behaviour specialist. Her session will focus on how you can elevate the standard learning experience to the next level, and will draw on her experience working with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities, not-for-profit institutions and numerous SMEs.

Totara and I: A New User Experience, presented by  Tanzil Rashid, Learning & Organisational Development Manager, Henley Properties

Tanzil is a passionate people and culture practitioner with over 10 years’ experience in L&D. His session will explore the all-too-familiar story of a newly appointed learning manager in a business where learning is the lowest priority.

He will demonstrate how to win over the most LMS-averse organisation with Totara Learn, including building a strong business case for updating your learning platform and investing into L&D.

Digitalising RAQ's induction programme, presented by Vijay Nanduri, Learning and Development Specialist, Relationships Australia Queensland

Vijay has over 10 years of experience working in IT and product management and was a core member of the team that transformed Relationships Australia Queensland from a traditional learning organisation into a digital learning organisation.

His session will focus on his experience of using Totara Learn to transform a legacy, face-to-face induction programme into a learner-centric digital experience. It will reveal how Relationships Australia Queensland managed to improve learning engagement, reduce support call volume and reduced travel and logistics costs. 

Designed for the intermediate Totara user, in this session, Vijay will share how he used various features including: 

  • Benefits of using Totara programs
  • Logically sequencing courses/competencies
  • Use of audiences for auto-enrolment 
  • Automated emails/notifications
  • Reporting on completions and status checks. 

Implementing Totara for complex business needs, presented by Michelle Morrison, Manager, eTraining Systems and Development, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia  

Michelle has worked in L&D for 15 years, with 10 being spent working with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia. In her session, she will walk attendees through the work that her organisation did with Totara Partner Androgogic, to create a Totara Learn platform that needed to support multiple audiences with unique requirements for learning, resources, and CPD in a one-stop shop solution.

This session will also reveal how they migrated legacy data onto their new LMS quickly and painlessly.  Users will get an understanding of: 

  • The Androgogic and Totara project journey with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia 
  • Legacy data and migration 
  • Enhancements built upon their Totara Learn instance
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) requirements 
  • Going live and the customer experience 

Dynamic audiences and their impact on reporting, presented by Dale Chadwick, Learning Technology Manager and Ellen Valvasori, Learning Technology Administrator, Austin Health

Dale and Ellen have been creating learner-focused solutions for a combined 14 years, and both entered the healthcare sector from strong retail L&D backgrounds. Together, they will delve into the benefits of Totara Learn’s dynamic audiences functionality for targeting specific cohorts with specific learning. They will also reveal how they created filtered reports to create organisation-wide reports on key training activities, along with their innovative centralised reporting solution.

This session is a must-see, with users getting an idea of how Austin Health used their Totara Learn platform to: 

  • Push training to identified cohorts using a constant exemption process
  • Understanding the potential issues with 'out of the box' manager reports, audiences and the need for detailed filtering
  • Create saved filtered reports and use these to manually create an organisational-wide report on key training
  • Build with the help of the Business Intelligence Unit, a centralised reporting solution using Power BI. 

Utilising Totara for more than just mandatory training, presented by Matt Carson, Digital Learning Coordinator, Eastern Health 

Employed as a physiotherapist and the digital learning coordinator at Eastern Health, Matt has been managing the Totara system at Eastern Health since 2013 (first health network to be using Totara in Australia).

Totara is often used only to record mandatory training. In this session, Matt will show how Eastern Health has used the Totara system (named iLearn) to also create communities of practice (learning hubs), manage elective workshops and study days, and coordinate student and graduate nursing/midwifery programs amongst their 18,000 learners.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How Eastern Health utilises the features of Totara to create a one-stop shop for learning and teaching across the organisation
  • How learning hubs are creating online communities of practice
  • How we have used dashboards to make our mandatory training clear for users and managers
  • Tips and tricks to enhance the look and feel of courses. 

Don't forget about our own Totara team who will be sharing their own Totara tips!

Totara Solutions Consultant Chloe Leon, will be kicking off the day with her session,  Future-proofing your L&D Technology Strategy In a world where technology advances at an exponential rate, how do we ensure our strategic roadmaps are innovative enough to keep up with this rapidly advancing area?

This strategy based session should help Totara Users create roadmaps for upgrading your systems, whilst making sure you can build an innovative learning environment and still have the freedom of open source. 

Users will also hear from our Product team members, Sam Hemelryk and André Yamin. They'll be sharing product roadmaps, some best practice tips, showcasing some cool features including our recently released Totara V12. 

So how about joining us at the APAC User Conference this March? 

Discover new tricks, best practice tips and mingle with likeminded Totara users, partners and the Totara team.