Should every retailer move its compliance training online?

By Hubken Group

There's a serious challenge in the retail industry right now.

It's got nothing to do with the battle against online stores – and nothing to do with the ever-climbing business rates and high-street rent, although both are great challenges.

It's about staff turnover. 

As an industry, retail has the second-highest turnover across all sectors, with a whopping 13% employee turnover rate. And that constant churn of new starters and replacement promotions leads to one thing:

Retailers need to deliver a huge amount of training on an ongoing basis.

Why should retailers care about e-learning?

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Ten years ago, just about every retail company would have been using traditional training methods: paper-based workbooks and face-to-face learning.

But today, more and more high-street businesses are starting to realize how much they've been missing.

National retail chains like Home Bargains were relying on paperwork sent through the post – gathered at each local branch and shipped off to their head office.

And leading brands like Nobia UK were bringing in new starters to their classroom induction courses from all over the UK – and even from as far as Europe!

When you multiply these slow processes by the thousands of employees in each business, you can imagine how quickly the inefficiencies add up.

So what does this have to do with online compliance training? Here are a couple of statistics to get you started:

  • Delivering training through e-learning takes 40-60% less time than traditional training
  • The average corporation saves between 50% and 70% on training costs when they switch to digital learning

Like any other companies that need to conduct lots of training (or companies with multi-site locations), retailers have a massive opportunity to save time and money – and hit their training targets faster – by moving their compliance training online.
How can they do it? Let's take a look at some real-world retail success stories with Totara Learn.

Home Bargains and their 24,000 compliant workers

Home Bargains is the top discount retailer in the UK, with over 500 stores across the country. And with 200 new staff members joining them every week, they have a huge amount of training to keep up with. 

But despite the size of their company and their rapid growth, they were still using paper records for all of their training. And that meant that Home Bargains was:

  • Spending huge amounts of time and money on training admin
  • Struggling to get a real idea of their completion rates
  • Only able to deliver a fraction of the training they needed

With an overwhelmed central admin team and an ever-increasing pile of paperwork to keep up with, Home Bargains went to Totara Platinum Partner Hubken Group (formerly 'HowToMoodle') to help them with their move to a new Totara Learn platform.

And the results?

Through a Totara Learn platform (and with the help and guidance of Hubken Group,) Home Bargains was able to:

  • Hit 100% completion rates by taking their compliance training online
  • Save 20% on their training coaches' travel time – boosting their capacity by 25%
  • Get every single one of their 24,000 employees active and engaged with Totara Learn – leading to a new uptake in all sorts of other online employee services

Faster competence and higher revenue at Nobia UK

Nobia UK is the country's leading kitchen specialists, with over 3,000 staff across 200 stores.

Just like Home Bargains, they were relying on traditional methods of training – bringing in staff from all over the UK and Europe for their face-to-face induction classrooms.

This classroom-based training was costly. And for every new starter that joined their company, it took more than five months to bring them up to speed.

Nobia UK contacted Hubken Group to discuss their aims and specific needs. It became clear that Totara Learn offered the best solution to a difficult challenge.

And just a few months after they launched Totara Learn, they'd already smashed all their training goals. In the first six months, Totara and Hubken helped Nobia UK to:

  • Save 32 hours of onboarding admin for every new employee
  • Cut their time-to-competency by 67% (from five months down to seven weeks)
  • Generate an extra £88,000 of revenue from every fast-learning new-starter
  • Improve their staff retention rate by 11%

So what does that mean for the average retailer?

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If your retail business is still stuck in old habits – focusing solely on paper-based training and classroom-based learning – you should know this:

You're sinking huge amounts of time and money into places where it's just not necessary.

Retailers like Home Bargains and Nobia UK are already saving thousands of pounds – and weeks of unnecessary admin – with an online open-source learning platform like Totara Learn.

They're bringing their people up to speed faster, increasing their training capacity, and getting deep insights and accurate data and reports on all their training records.
(And when it comes to compliance training, full completion and accurate reports are invaluable for protecting your company!)

Worried about the details? We've got your back.

Nobia UK and Home Bargains have seen huge success with Totara Learn.
But they didn't do it alone.

An open-source platform like Totara Learn can give you a huge amount of flexibility and scalability – and it's all wrapped up neatly in an all-in-one affordable LMS.
But for some retailers, the idea of putting an open-source platform to work is daunting. And that's why choosing the right compliance training partner is so important.

With an experienced Totara Partner like Hubken Group by your side, you'll get all the guidance and support you need to take your compliance training online – as well as an expert technical team to help you with the integrations and configuration you'll need to get the most out of Totara Learn.

Ready to rethink your approach to compliance training?

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