Three Totara things I’m thankful for

By Domi Sinclair

First of all, happy Thanksgiving everyone! Whether you are from the US or not, and celebrating Thanksgiving with a turkey or tofu, we can all benefit from taking a moment for gratitude. That is why I wanted to take a pause in my day to think of the things I’m most thankful for from Totara. 

Thanksgiving blog teaser image


Our lives and needs are always changing, sometimes rapidly. Especially over the past 18 months we have all learnt that our requirements can change almost overnight. Therefore it is important to have tools that are flexible and can rapidly change to fit your current needs. That is why I’m so thankful for the flexibility Totara brings. By combining Totara products with the Totara Talent Experience Platform or even just combining different course features, you can easily get done what you need. Whether it is a single activity or a combination of learning, training, performance reviews and social engagement, Totara’s flexibility can offer you the perfect solution. 

Engaged user community

Besides the flexibility (and excellent feature set) of Totara I am also thankful for the wonderful and engaged Totara Community. The people are what makes a tool great, and with Totara there are plenty of people to talk with in the forums and workspaces in the Totara Community, where you can share ideas and inspiration in getting the most out of your site. There is also excellent training in the Totara Academy section of the site, to help you learn how to use different features, and the Totara Partner area to provide our Totara Partners with all the information and resources they need. 

If you're keen to see how we redesigned and built our Totara Community, our guide to building a successful customer community is a must-read resource for your holiday weekend!

Helpful product documentation

Finally, (and I am entirely biased on this one as a technical writer here at Totara) I am thankful for the help documentation we have on Totara. We have comprehensive guides on everything in the Totara system, covering all products including the Totara Mobile app. In fact, you can see all this and more in my webinar recording below… 

If anything is ever missing or unclear then you can use the “provide feedback” link and our very friendly (and I should know) technical writers will make any necessary amendments. I am also very thankful for some improvements coming to documentation next year, so keep your eyes peeled in 2022...

See Totara in action

If you're keen to see why Domi is such a fan of Totara, request your demo today and we'll be happy to show you around.