Totara Village Theatre Sessions at ATD 2019: Day 1

While we're just as excited as the next delegate to watch Oprah's opening keynote on Day 1 of ATD ICE 2019, be sure to head on over to the Totara Village (#1019) in the ATD expo hall afterward, to catch a Totara Theatre Session hosted by our exhibiting Platinum Partners. 

Let's take a deep dive into the Theatre Sessions our Partners, Remote-Learner, eThink, Synegen, Moonami, and GO1 will be running during Day 1 of the 2019 ATD International Conference and Expo so that you can grab a coveted seat at the Totara session of your choice. 

Day 1 Totara Village Theatre Sessions at ATD ICE 2019

Totara Theater Session Partners
  • Simplifying the Search -  hosted by Synegen 

    Third-party content providers are a valuable source of learning that is critical to many organisations. While these providers can rapidly expand an organisation's content offerings, it can be difficult for learners to locate content and for administrators to track results. In this session, learn how Synegen and Red Hat, a leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, partnered to simplify searching, content delivery, and results tracking across Totara Learn, Kaltura, Allego, and Lynda. 

  • Why Training for Soft Skills Should be Your Number 1 Priority - hosted by GO1 

    With ever-changing technology, it's vital to have a workplace consisting of critical thinkers, excellent communicators, and people who can easily adapt. For your company's talent development endeavor, find out why it's essential to focus on soft skills training in this session. 

  • Creating Impact through Purposeful Design - hosted by Remote-Learner 

    A good strategic partner in digital learning understands that a learning environment is more than just a vessel for hosting courses and managing learning accounts. It plays an active role in the learning experience and the outcomes that follow. In this session, Remote-Learner will share several real-world examples of how they have leveraged the power of Totara Learn's open source technology to design tailored learning solutions aligned to unique client goals and parameters. Remote-Learner will also share ways in which learning professionals can integrate some of these design strategies into their own learning environments. 

  • Best Practices for Report Builder  - hosted by eThink Education

    During this session, eThink Education will share real reports and the best practices for building reports that users really want. 

  • Introduction to the Totara Community - hosted by Totara 

    The Totara Community is the place to share ideas and collaborate with an engaged network of like-minded learning professionals. Develop your know-how on the effective use of learning technology. Learn about Totara product functionality in the Totara Academy as well as guidance on best practices in learning administration, design, and delivery.  

  • Totara and H5P, Your Course-building Secret Weapon -  hosted by Moonami 

    Would you like to create engaging interactive e-learning content for your LMS for free? H5P is a free-to-use authoring tool that makes it very easy to create interactive content such as interactive videos, multiple-choice questions and a range of image-based questions just to name a few. Join this session to help learn about developing interactive e-learning courses and see what's possible in Totara Learn. 

  • Create a Highly Engaging Learning Platform with Curated Content -  hosted by GO1

    Your staff wants learning materials that are engaging. In this session, GO1 will discuss how curated external content can help employees engage with training content, as well as encourage a more effective learning culture. 

  • Measuring Learning Engagement in Totara Learn-  hosted by Remote-Learner 

    Regardless of what industry you work in, being able to measure the engagement of your training and produce outcomes - whether they are to inform, teach, improve or change, is critical to understand the likelihood of your training's success. This session will be a demonstration of a Remote-Learner reporting and analytics solution that gives your stakeholders access to the right data when they need it and in the right format.  The solution, powered by Zoola Analytics, extended the reporting capabilities of Totara Learn to measure learner engagement through the KPIs that matter to your organisation. 

And there you have the Day 1 Schedule for the Totara Village Theatre Sessions.

Check out the Day 2 and Day 3 schedules over on our blog here, or download the full Totara Village Theatre schedule here. 

Ready to watch a Totara Theatre Session? 

Catch one or more Totara Theatre Sessions at the Totara Village - stand #1019 at ATD 2019. 

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