What we got up to at the APAC Totara User Conference

By Chloe Powell

The long-awaited APAC Totara User Conference came and it did not disappoint.

Our Totara Community is a truly special place where we can share innovative ideas. This community has an array of talented individuals across a wide range of industries, who are passionate about the learning and development potential within our professional environments. Keynote speaker Dr Melissa Bordogna emphasised that we can make the ordinary extraordinary, and this cannot be more true among our network of learning and development professionals using Totara Learn to empower their staff base to take control of their learning journeys.

Nothing beats meeting with others who are looking to achieve similar outcomes within their organisation. Plenty of us are facing similar challenges when it comes to workplace learning, so it makes sense to help each other with practical guidance on how to create a successful learning experience, changing the perceptions of the learning function in organisations, engaging important stakeholders in our open source software transformations and many other things. This cross-pollination of ideas is one of the most valuable outcomes of an event like this, hopefully leading to a long-lasting professional network of individuals, continually sharing their experiences and exciting new developments. When we work together, we move together at a much faster speed to keep up in this transformative world.

Totara’s open source ethos really came through with our volunteer users, who shared everything they have achieved with the help of our Totara Partners guiding them through their learning technology projects.

APAC Totara user conference

Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Michelle Morrison of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia had countless gems of advice for our audience regarding overcoming perceived insurmountable challenges, especially when it comes to data migration from legacy learning management systems. Last year, Michelle was present at the APAC Totara User Conference in Sydney, knowing that she was about to embark on her very own Totara implementation journey. It was impressive to see such enthusiasm when digging into the complexity of their required solution and their approach moving from a bespoke aged system, with some 23,000 pharmacists registered to use the Pharmacy Guild’s Totara CPD Portal.

Michelle’s session demonstrated that their Totara Learn solution is a massive improvement on their previous bespoke system. GuildEd is now on the right track, and the great feedback from the Annual Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference gave Michelle and her team the confidence to know that they are building a system with great foundations to ensure that their system can be continually evolved. It will be very interesting to see how this develops over the coming months and years.

Eastern Health

Matthew Carson, Digital Learning Coordinator and Physiotherapist at Eastern Health was able to give an idea of how your LMS can evolve over time. Eastern’s Health’s Totara Learn instance (iLearn) has been in use within the organisation since 2013 and there are now hundreds of courses available to more than 10,000 users. This session focused on bringing profession-specific learning hubs to individual groups of learners, using a combination of Totara dashboards, audiences and course pages. Matthew took us through three user journeys and how these individuals would experience the system. This story-led session gave all those in the audience a lot of food for thought on how they can encourage continual learning within their organisations, using the power of Totara to support that.

Round table discussions

At Totara we are continually working on enhancing the existing offerings and keeping our ears open to what challenges those in our learning space are trying to meet. The round table discussions offered an invaluable opportunity to get a pulse check with our APAC Community, especially on the progress of work we are carrying out on specific product offerings.

It was great to see that our vision correlates well with what our users are anticipating, as their L&D technology strategies mature over time. The Totara Engage and Perform visions were of course hot topics and all groups were very interested in how they will be able to seamlessly integrate these into their existing Totara technology and provide their learners with a fully immersive learning experience.

I would encourage those who made new professional connections on this occasion to keep in contact with those they met and ensure you are able to contribute to the overall success of all of our colleagues. If you missed out on this Melbourne event, the good news is that the EMEA Totara User Conference will take place in London this May, with a second APAC Totara User Conference being held in Wellington in August.

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