Why Glovo switched from a proprietary LMS to an open LMS

By Iris Vermeren

The lack of flexibility in online training platforms prevents training and development departments in all sectors to adapt and modernize their learning programs.

The "new normal" for organizations poses a constantly evolving work environment, where objectives and strategies are constantly being redefined. In order to train employees in new essential knowledge and skills, it is vital to have an e-learning platform that allows training to be adapted in times of constant change. The LMS an organization chooses also needs to offer easy administration and flexibility to adapt to its internal processes.

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Glovo, a Spanish on-demand courier service, has created a very flexible e-learning platform with essential functionalities. 

Miquel Gómez, Global Training Manager at Glovo, says:

“When we needed something, we always received 'no' for an answer. That is why we looked for a learning solution that offered us the freedom to create a training environment adapted to our needs." 

Glovo trusted Totara Partner Actua Solutions to switch from its proprietary learning management system (LMS) to Totara Learn as their new learning platform for the autonomy and innovation it offers.

Glovo's training project was launched in May 2020 to 3,000 customer service agents in 12 countries and 8 languages. They offer agents between 5 to 6 trainings every month, minimizing the service and reducing admin costs significantly. The training platform has been customized in such detail that Miquel points out:

"It looks like it's our own learning platform... and the change has been exciting". 

In addition, hierarchies have helped Glovo organize agent groups according to their position and choose specific training based on their role.

Their training project will take advantage of the upcoming Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP) in the near future, such as social learning, gamification and mobile learning on Totara Engage, a learning experience platform (LXP), Totara Perform, a performance management system and Totara Mobile, Totara's new mobile app.

Here you can watch an extract from Glovo's recent webinar where Miquel shows this training project in more detail. Enjoy!

Watch Glovo's Training Project

To learn more about Glovo's project with Totara Learn, request access to the full recording of their recent webinar here.