Why we believe in giving organisations the freedom to learn

“Our LMS stopped working for us months ago, but we’re tied into a three-year contract, so we’re stuck with a platform that doesn’t work for us anymore…”

“We chose this learning platform because we were told it had the most features on the market, but now we need a specific feature to meet our needs we’re being told we can’t have it until it’s on the vendor’s product roadmap…”

“Our LMS was working fine until we merged with another company, and now we’re running two platforms side-by-side which can’t talk to one another, meaning our learning admin has doubled and we’re paying for two systems instead of one…”

We’ve heard problems like the examples above time and time again in the learning technologies industry. Huge numbers of organisations are unhappy with their learning management systems, finding that they’re too expensive, not fit for purpose and not flexible enough to adapt to their changing needs.

“Nearly one-half (46%) of survey respondents were only ‘somewhat satisfied’ with their LMS. LMS implementation experiences substantially affect overall levels of satisfaction.” - The eLearning Guild, Corporate Learning Management Systems 2016–2018

These issues tend to arise when organisations select proprietary learning platforms and find themselves locked into expensive, long-term contracts with products that don’t evolve with them over time. That’s why at Totara, we believe there’s a better way - we call it the Four Freedoms.

Freedom to innovate

A learning technologies customer is not a consumer. You are a creator, producer, problem-solver, innovator. Open innovation is empowering. Create the platform you want, rather than being forced to compromise. Adapt to changing circumstances and future-proof your investment. Be true to your mission.

Freedom to save

Get rid of expensive software licensing and locked-down contracts. Save up to 80% of your total cost of ownership compared to other leading enterprise-class learning platforms. Maximise your budget and invest where it really counts – your learners.

Freedom of choice

With Totara it’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’; it’s ‘what solution suits you?’. Our global community of solution providers offers you a real choice of value-added expertise. You get all the freedom, flexibility and benefits of Totara with the attentiveness and personalised service of your chosen Partner. Unlike others, we think customer freedom is a good thing.

Freedom to learn

Our open and flexible platform enables you to embrace change and create engaging learning experiences. Deliver seamless on-brand learning environments,  improve teamwork, manage regulatory compliance, and harness social learning. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure Totara can meet them.

Totara Learn: Four Freedoms eBook

Interested in finding out more about the Four Freedoms and why Totara is different to the other learning platforms on the market today? Then download our Four Freedoms ebook today to discover how we give organisations like yours the freedom to learn.

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