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The Totara team is looking forward to its trip to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks for DevLearn 2018, and this year our plans are bigger and better than ever before.

There have been A LOT of articles in recent years threatening the possibility of robots taking our jobs (and there’s actually a whole website dedicated to helping people find out how at risk their job role is - as a marketing manager, my risk of replace

Anyone who has ever used a proprietary LMS will know what a pain it can be to make it your own - if it’s even possible.

You may have spotted that we’ve been working away behind the scenes this year to improve the Totara Community.

Until now, the five-day working week has been a given. From Monday to Friday, the vast majority of office-based workers take to their desks to complete their tasks, with only the occasional bank holiday to punctuate the traditional working week.

Worrying statistic time - did you know that only 5% of organisations believe that their L&D strategy is very effective in helping them achieve their business goals?

Congratulations! You have decided to introduce your employees and customers to e-learning. For employees, you want to strengthen their skills needed to help the company thrive.

Just starting to get to grips with Totara but need a bit of help?

As a long-standing fan of Alison Green’s AskAManager website (dedicated to all sorts of workplace issues, from lunch-stealing colleagues to holding awkward conversations about performance), I was interested to spot an email from a reader the other day e

From micro-learning and informative, how-to videos to self-directed learning features, as the landscape of learning management systems (LMS) evolves, the objective for most organisations using the technology remains the same: to improve user engagement

The debate about whether vendors can thrive and scale if their primary outputs are freely licensed continues to brew nearly two years since I wrote about the topic.

Social learning happens every day, both in and out of the workplace.

Digital transformation is at the top of almost every board agenda today.

“Our LMS stopped working for us months ago, but we’re tied into a three-year contract, so we’re stuck with a platform that doesn’t work for us anymore…”

E-learning content comes in all shapes, sizes and formats, with endless combinations available to suit any organisation’s needs.

A common issue organisations run into when they invest in a new LMS is a lack of user engagement.

With the recently implemented GDPR a hot topic, user data management is only set to become more important over the coming months and years.

We’re counting down the days to our 2018 APAC Totara User Conference in Sydney in June, and we thought we’d take the opportunity to catch up with some of our guest speakers ahead of the main conference day.

This is a guest post from BuildEmpire's Marketing Manager, Aimee Ward.

With GDPR taking effect at the end of this month, organisations need to make sure that their LMS supports GDPR compliance.

L&D teams everywhere know that a key priority for learning professionals today is to do more for less.

At Totara, we strongly believe in giving our subscribers the freedom to create a learning platform that meets their needs without compromise.

Growing your company’s profits can look a lot different than the traditional chants of 'Sell sell sell'! Sometimes the most important way to increase profits is by finding inefficiencies in your systems.

For many organisations, a learning management system will be the most expensive element of their learning programme.

While the Cambridge Analytica scandal unfolded before our very eyes, data protection has never been more important.

Managing training across a large organisation can be challenging. You have many stakeholders involved on both your side of the table and with training platforms, providers and more!

As a learning professional, you are often required to report on the effectiveness of your training programs.

“So, what does your company do then?”

The tale of the now-extinct dodo is a sad one. Sadly, not all birds are made equal, and unable to fly, the tasty flightless bird was hunted to extinction. Much like the sad demise of the fateful dodo, not all learning management systems are made equal.

Are you an employer that offers the bare minimum when it comes to training? It takes more than the mandatory induction training when a new hire sets foot in their new role, and in this day and age, basic training doesn’t cut it for employees.

Over the past few months, here at Totara, we’ve been busy working on putting together the agenda for the 2018 APAC User Conference hosted in Sydney, 6th-7th June.