The Totara Community provides a vibrant environment in which you can share experiences and best practice. We are bringing together learning professionals from all over the world to learn and develop their know-how on the effective use of learning technology in the workplace.

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Get certified with the Totara Academy

You can access the Totara Academy from within the Totara Community.

The Totara Academy contains a growing range of new learning resources designed to help you get the most from our Totara products. These resources are built using a blend of activities including simulations, animations, videos and assessments.


Totara Learn courses are focused on how to perform specific tasks on a range of topics. These courses contain demonstration videos and business scenarios to show you how and why you'd use the functionality on your system.

Totara product certifications aim to help Administrators and Course Creators demonstrate that they have a good level of knowledge and skills in how to configure and manage the functions and data in Totara Learn, as well as offer advice to organisations, colleagues and learners so that they get the best possible benefits from using the system.

The certification process takes place entirely online. Complete practical activities to demonstrate an understanding of how to perform system tasks, meet business needs through feature use, and adjust settings as needed.

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Totara Help is your guide to using all of our products. You'll find documentation for every version of Totara LearnTotara Social and Totara Perform including installation guides, instructions on how to use features, and other useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your system.