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Acro Aero designs and manufactures seats for aircrafts, using ‘extraspatial design’ to maximise the micro spaces often overlooked in traditional aircraft seating design. Their mission since 2007 has been to turn aircraft seating on its head to improve the air travel experience for passengers.

The Challenge

Acro Aero already had a learning platform, but identified some limitations from a usability perspective. They wanted to take their digital learning experience to the next level to create a learning culture throughout the organisation, and decided to look for a new LMS.

However, Acro Aero quickly discovered that many platforms do little more than manage e-learning, whereas they wanted more depth and breadth to manage learning, access data, track completion of mandatory learning, house different types of resources and save time and money.

Acro Aero leveraged their pre-existing connection with Engage in Learning, who recommended Totara Learn, and their understanding of Acro Aero’s challenges and needs sealed the deal.

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The Solution

In summer 2018, Acro Aero signed the contract for their new Totara Learn platform with Engage in Learning. The platform itself needed to host a wide range of resources to ensure that learners remain engaged.

The LMS was built to house videos, quizzes, workbooks, documents, videos, links to external sites, e-learning activities and more for the initial launch, along with old content being rebuilt and a new, consistent imagery suite for a consistent look and feel that would flow across the entire solution.

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Acro Aero’s LMS is predominantly set up to train employees, but temporary staff also have access to mandatory learning via the platform. A benefit of choosing Totara Learn is that Engage in Learning could set up multiple audiences to help tailor learning to different roles - for instance, seat builders may not need access to data protection training, so it wouldn’t be included in their view of the platform.

Once logged in, everyone knows that they have access only to relevant content. Hierarchies also ensure that managers can align with their employees to create teams in the LMS, and roles and job locations ensure that different mandatory learning packages can be assigned.

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As Acro Aero’s workforce is highly diverse, they needed to design a range of content and techniques to encourage people to keep coming back to the platform. Many employees don’t have English as a first language, so extra content such as language courses were included to support these learners.

Content is structured in different topics, and new topics can be added easily by Acro Aero. It is also possible to use certifications to track training that may need to be reviewed in the future, making it very easy for learners to know exactly what they need to do and where to find different content.

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The Results

The platform itself was set up in four weeks, then launched two weeks later, meaning this implementation took just six weeks from start to finish. The key to the success of the platform’s launch was that Acro Aero didn’t just launch with mandatory training, and instead offered learners a much wider range of courses and resources to hook them in from the very start.

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Acro Aero credits the six-week turnaround to Engage in Learning’s support. Engage in Learning’s expertise helped Acro Aero’s learning team shape the platform, set the system up correctly and work with their HR software team to ensure that the platforms were integrated properly. Once the Totara Learn platform had been handed over to Acro Aero, Engage in Learning provided an in-house training session to answer any further questions and make additional suggestions.

Learners and managers alike both agree that the platform is very straightforward, and managers love that they can now directly manage and monitor their own employees through the system rather than going through the L&D team. Managers also appreciate that they have access to reports at the touch of a button to remove the manual reporting process, saving them a lot of time and hassle.

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Acro Aero’s learning platform has already been used as part of learning campaigns such as Learning at Work Week, which takes place in May. Constantly using campaigns to draw people back into the site has led to a massive improvement in not just the completion of mandatory learning, but also general engagement with learning.