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ieso Digital Health_Totara_LMS

A bespoke learning platform and content for ieso Digital Health

Ieso has conducted in excess of 200,000 hours of therapy, treated over 40,000 patients in England and employ a network of over 600 IAPT-trained PWPs and BABCP-accredited therapists; with 53% more patients completing treatment at 36% better outcomes than the UK national average.

The Challenge

Ieso Digital health were looking to replace their legacy learning management system, known as ‘The Hub’, with a more fully featured offering.

Although ‘The Hub’ was a platform that was reasonably well received by its users, Ieso were looking to incorporate new functionality and more modern features that would enhance the platform’s engagement levels and simplify the user experience. This was critical as all therapists using the platform would be home-based and would be expected to use the new LMS as their primary means of accessing all future clinical training.  In addition, Ieso required increased levels of oversight and reporting on performance and completion of clinical training and the onboarding of new clinical affiliates into this growing business.

Providing this enhanced LMS experience was also aligned to Ieso’s more strategic goals as well, for example, being an employer of choice for therapists. The platform therefore needed to be professional, intuitive to use, on brand and reflect both the quality of the training available but also the quality of therapy Ieso provide to their patients.

The Solution

Totara’s theme flexibility gave Kineo the ability to create beautiful art direction and a bespoke interface to offer a great on brand UX. Because of this, the new LMS forms a key part of a user journey where an the LMS, eLearning content and the Ieso therapy site can be seamlessly navigated as one unified ecosystem.

This learner centric approach succeeds with clever use of dashboards providing targeted content delivery to simplify the user experience. Dynamic audiences and custom profile fields allow customized training experiences based on learning needs, skill level or job role. Content is displayed in well-crafted learner journeys that provide an intuitive path through required training, achieved by using clear dashboard labeling and Kineo’s innovative record of learning isotope plugin.

leso home on a mac

Subject specific dashboards are used to display learning, information and resources around areas of specialist interest. Not only does this allow Ieso to organise content into appropriate clusters and serve this up to specific audiences in an automated, time-saving and error free way. It also intertwines with the larger ecosystem meaning that Ieso therapists can quickly access vital learning information through quick links in their therapy site. Having this vital information to hand could quite literally save a life.

A customization to courses allows course pages to be used as information containers, detached from a users record of learning. This expands the LMS to act as a rich and detailed document repository, displaying all kinds of media, whilst not impacting a learners ability to achieve a 100% completion of all their enrolled learning. Crucially for Ieso, this also allows the seminar feature to act as a supervisor tuition booking feature.

Integration with Anders Pink helps makes the LMS a ‘go to’ destination for all users, not just to access clinical training or official information, but also wider news and industry insights. This helps position this LMS as a digital tool designed to sustain a level of learning throughout a therapists career with ieso by drawing users back time and time again.

An integration with ‘GoTo Meeting’ within the LMS allows for synchronous clinical training to be organized, advertised, administered and delivered to therapists. Thus replacing the need for costly face to face training events and adding further easily accessible content to draw learners back in.

Custom reporting provided critical insight into how the platform was being utilized and also completion of business-critical initiatives such as ensuring therapists were training in the use of Ieso’s clinical methodology.

The Result

  • freedom to learn – In year 1 Ieso have launched 20 programmes for clinicians consisting of elearning, videos, webinars
  • freedom to innovate – The new LMS has led to an increase in end-user NPS ratings of 18% and scored highly in surveys gauging overall satisfaction.
  • freedom of choice – There has been a 229% increase in user engagement, over the previous LMS, within the first year of the Totara being launched.
  • freedom to save – The savings gained from delivering elements of the training digitally has saved Ieso over £200,000 in year one due to reduction in costs associated with face to face delivery

“Totara has helped us fundamentally transform the ways in which we interact, engage, develop and support clinicians to enable them with helping more patients get better. Our clinicians have welcomed and embraced the LMS and they now actively pursue the learning opportunities it offers in a way they never did before. The learning that we provide via the LMS positively impacts their clinical practice therefore making a real and genuine difference in people’s lives around the country.”

Renata Kovacs, Senior L&D Content Manager