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Mexico’s leading pension fund manager boosts compliance and cuts costs by 50% with Totara

Afore XXI Banorte is the largest pension fund management company in Mexico. As of 2013, it had over $42bn over assets under management and over 17 million account holders. 

The Challenge

Like all financial services organisations, Afore XXI Banorte needs to comply with stringent government regulations. Regulators expect clear and regular reporting of performance and adherence to standards. Consar, the Mexican Pensions Regulator, can demand audit reports at any time to demonstrate that fund management companies are meeting standards of training completion required.

Afore XXI Banorte chose Totara as a system that would be cost-effective, capable of delivering the specific reports needed by the regulator, and flexible in supporting the blended learning programmes that the company was providing to its employees.

The Solution

Aura Interactiva, Totara Partner in Mexico, worked closely with the Afore XXI Banorte team to implement Totara's LMS Solution (Totara Learn) with the following elements:

Custom reporting

A specific set of reports were required by the client to meet with regulator requirements. Totara’s reporting flexibility means that these reports could be created and can now be generated on demand.

Supporting blended learning

The system needed to provide access to the authorities' requirements, so learners were clear on the compliance standards. Of course, it needed to also provide training content to support learners in meeting those standards. Afore XXI Banorte used Totara to enable a blended learning approach, which combined e-learning courses, current information, and face to face training to ensure learners were informed and supported. The audience for blended learning has extended to external partners too, training them on the basics of how Afore XXI Banorte operates in a more efficient way.

Targeted learning through hierarchies

The organization used the competency and hierarchy management capabilities of Totara to help put a competency framework in place, mapped to the organizational hierarchy. This ensures that the right compliance learning and information is delivered to the relevant people at the right time. This creates a more personalized, efficient experience – better for the learner, and more cost effective for the organization.


Through course completion and reporting, individual learners can now be certified as competent in meeting Afore XXI Banorte’s and the regulators’ standards.  Certification is now automated through course completion – prior to Totara Learn, this was a manual activity, so further cost savings have been achieved.

Aforte XXI LMS Totara

The Results

Totara Learn has generated great results for Afore XXI Banorte:

Full compliance: CONSAR's mandatory program for training Finance Consultants was 100% fulfilled by Afore XXI Banorte.

Real-time reporting: Afore XXI Banorte can run custom reports on demand to meet the regulator’s needs.

Cost savings: 50% saving in operational costs was achieved through the move to an LMS with targeted, blended learning.

Access and reach:  100% nationwide training coverage was reached, with over 7,500 registered users within the system.

Learner engagement: Learners report high levels of satisfaction with the new blended approach, the access to learning and the targeted approach. Over 15% of learners voluntarily enroll in non-mandatory courses.

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