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Atalian Servest saves £161,000 in training costs with Totara Learn in less than 6 months

Servest provides a comprehensive range of facilities management to organisations, meaning that if you need anything from catering and construction to concierge services and pest control for your business Servest can fulfil that need. They even do interior landscaping.

In May 2016 Servest announced a joint venture with Atalian Global Services, allowing them to offer a wider range of services to an international customer base.

The Challenge

With offices situated across Europe and in South Africa it became apparent that the face-to-face learning approach wasn’t going to work for a global network of 55,000 employees. Learning needed to catch up, and fast.

In a two-day collaboration session, 15 leaders came up with the concept of Servest Street, an online platform where employees could be inducted into the company, find out about opportunities available to them at Servest, learn new skills, find tools to help them develop, share skills and knowledge, and plan their goals, aspirations and careers.

The success of Servest Street would hinge upon it being accessible, adaptable and measurable. Sounds like a tall order, right?

Servest Totara devices LMS

The Solution

Totara Partner Learning Pool worked closely with Atalian Servest to create Servest Street, an online Totara-based platform with the Adapt authoring tool.  Since its launch the platform now has over 150 courses available to staff, mainly in the form of 5-10 minute training modules.

Many of the courses tackle mandatory training for certain business areas, such as food hygiene, etc and whole company training initiatives such as information security and GDPR compliance. These types of courses allow Atalian Servest to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Their Totara Learn LMS solution support 23 languages, and Adapt e-learning is compliant to AA accessibility standards. Adapt learning courses function across platforms, on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and the ever expanding range of components means that learners are constantly engaged. Servest Street is accessible.

Totara's LMS solution means that the learner journey is fully trackable, and Servest can produce reports at the touch of a button, detailing users on the system, the courses they have successfully completed, and the career progression of their employees.

This means that not only can Servest keep a close eye on their employees’ professional development and spot opportunities for career advancement, but they can provide regulatory bodies with evidence that their employees have undergone training on essential compliance subjects. Servest Street is measurable.

The Bottom Line

Servest have felt the benefit immediately, saving an estimated £60,000 in the first year, on just three of the courses in our catalogues.

Safeguarding and Right to Work checks are compulsory courses for all Servest colleagues to complete, and Food hygiene level 1 and 2 are mandatory for colleagues in the Food Co. division. Being able to fit them in around the workday means a huge saving on time and money.

Servest Street is home to training around a myriad of subjects, upon which many learners had never had formal training.

93% of learners had never been trained in information security. Now Servest has been awarded ISO 27001 status having demonstrated that all of their staff have undergone this training.

90% of the company wasn’t able to access induction training from afar, but with their online company induction 100% of their team is welcomed into the company at a time that fits in with their schedules and the company’s timescale.

The Results

In the first six months since its launch, learners have completed 5,383 courses and watched over 2000 micro-learning videos through Servest Street. Based on those 5,853 courses Servest saved an estimated £161,000 on training in the first six months of operation.

Those savings have been reinvested into L&D for Servest’s colleagues, providing more opportunities for them to grow their careers. A full time digital content developer role has been funded, and servest is planning to create bespoke content for their clients to use as well.

Colleagues can use Servest Street to sign up for Hidden Talents development programmes, share their knowledge on Skills Share, and find out what perks they can access from the Servest Street dashboard.

Servest is now better equipped to train its people; share their knowledge; give them the information they need to get the most from their opportunities; and demonstrate their commitment to data security, food hygiene, human rights education, colleague development, and a whole host of other subjects.

“Partnering with Learning Pool really works for us as they not only help with customisation and reporting but having someone to talk to makes such a difference. You know the platform is able to do more things and you want to push it but unless you have someone that knows it really well to talk those ideas through they can end up getting dropped. Sometimes they will suggest better ways of doing things; they have held our hands all the way and now we are aware of how much it can do, and we are pushing it more, and more people are getting involved. If I was to use 3 words to describe learning Pool, it would be Collaborative, Supportive and Inspiring.”

Mike Newboult, Digital Content Developer and Manager at Atalian Servest