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Banco Santander undergoes a digital transformation to engage employees across Chile

Banco Santander Chile is one of the 3 most important banks in Chile, with a 16% market share, making it one of the leaders of the Chilean financial industry.


At the end of 2017, Banco Santander Chile set itself the challenge of renewing, updating and changing its way of delivering learning to employees through an online learning platform. This needed to take place in the context of a digital transformation and a more powerful user experience, with the aim of improving its training and development processes for more than 12,000 employees distributed nationwide, giving educational and training experiences with high visual and learning impact. Banco Santander Chile needed to find a way to address all of its challenges at once.

The Solution

Banco Santander Chile chose to work with Totara Partner Glow Chile. Glow Chile introduced Banco Santander to Totara Learn, which would allow them to achieve the objectives set by their learning and knowledge deputy management. This included generating high participation levels on online learning, as well as making users feel that the platform was a real support tool in their training and development processes so that they could learn in a different way. The LMS also needed to be visually captivating, but most importantly, Banco Santander wanted to ensure that they were always taking care of the user experience of their collaborators. They wanted to engage employees with a "film series"-style format. 

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The versatility of Totara Learn, including its structure of modules and blocks, allowed Glow Chile to design a space with high visual impact and usability for Banco Santander employees.

The first learning experience available on the platform was the induction course for new collaborators, developed for easy digital navigation. Such a format allowed Banco Santander to deliver all the necessary content for new collaborators, while also capturing their attention and showing that they were joining one of the best companies to work for in Chile, which was demonstrated by the deployment and quality of audiovisual resources. This onboarding program ensured that Banco Santander obtained an excellent evaluation of the learning experience for new starters.

banco santander lms totara

Since then, a series of interactive courses have been developed through various digital resources created by Glow Chile. Banco Santander employees have given the LMS their seal of approval through high engagement levels and positive evaluations of the online learning experience, making Academia Santander a highly used and well-rated learning platform.

The Results

Freedom to learn: Totara Learn has made it possible to strengthen Banco Santander's team of collaborators, providing a personalized learning space that is innovative, easy to understand and easy to use, taking learning to the next level.

Freedom to innovate: Glow has developed a responsive Totara Learn platform as a space for professional and personal growth through various interactive, gamified and highly visual learning capsules.

Freedom to save: Totara Learn, given its potential and scope of functions, has allowed Banco Santander to develop all the ideas and initiatives that the knowledge and learning department needed, without having to incur in the cost of new plug-in development to meet their corporate challenges.

Freedom of choice: The flexibility of Totara Learn has allowed Glow Chile to design an attractive and easy-to-navigate user experience, allowing Banco Santander to constantly devise new content delivery schemes to its collaborators. This has given the knowledge and learning department the freedom to plan new visual and methodological scenarios for the delivery of training content. This has prompted Banco Santander to choose Totara Learn and Glow Chile as its strategic partners in the long term.

Some of the feedback Banco Santander received about their learning management system includes:

“Santander Academy is the best online education platform in Chile.”

“Academia Santander is the best e-learning space in the Chilean banking industry."

banco santander lms totara

"Glow Chile and Totara learn are our best partners to deliver online training and development plans to our collaborators."

Banco Santander's Knowledge and Learning Assistant Manager (Subgerente de Conocimiento y Aprendizaje)

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