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BMI Healthcare experiences a staggering 133% increase in compliance and saves £800,000 a year with Totara Learn

BMI Healthcare has over 60 hospital and clinics and over 15,000 learners across the UK.  Committed to providing high-quality healthcare, BMI Healthcare is focused on delivering exceptional clinical expertise and caring support for patients.

Compliance uncovered: BMI Healthcare on how Totara transformed their approach

The Challenge

In order to provide quality care to patients, BMI Healthcare needed an LMS that helps them develop their employees as well as support their compliance requirements effectively.

Because they are regulated by government bodies, compliance is crucial. So it’s unsurprising that the initial purpose of their LMS was to ensure compliance.

Over the last two years though, BMI Healthcare has expanded its strategy and are now incorporating their other training needs into the system thanks to the power and flexibility of Totara LMS.

Because BMI Healthcare’s needs have evolved, opting for this open source solution has proved to be a huge benefit for the organisation because the system has been able to grow with them. At the time when they chose Totara LMS and partnered with Kineo, they had little idea of where the system would be today.

They weren’t looking for an all-in-one learning and development solution; they were looking for a new compliance LMS because their old solution was ineffective.

With their old system, not only did audit reporting and all compliance activities have to be done manually, the system also had several inefficiencies in how learner performance was assigned and tracked.

One of the biggest issues for learners was that their old system required everyone to take the same training, creating an impersonal and time-consuming experience.

Because everything was done manually and training wasn’t personalised to job roles or responsibilities, BMI Healthcare’s sites interpreted requirements differently in regards to what training was and wasn’t required or completed – making it difficult to prove compliance to visiting inspectors.

BMI Healthcare LMS computer

The Solution

BMI Healthcare’s LMS has historically been very compliance-focused in order to demonstrate to regulators that they are providing the required training. Though compliance is still a big component of their LMS, the site has become so much more than that.

From leadership and development, induction, CPD revalidation and training, to performance management, BMiLearn has become the go-to place for their employees and is supporting the organisation’s aim to help increase the capabilities of their workforce to develop their own staff.

BMI Healthcare is determined to make the LMS as useful and personalised to their employees as possible. Having recently introduced search box log functionality so they can track what learners are searching, BMI Healthcare hopes to improve user experience by making it easier to find information and create new resources for their employees based on demand.

They want their learners to have a tailored experience on the system, something that first began with the introduction of dynamic audiences and a training matrix to ensure learners only took the mandatory courses they needed to—and when.

To ensure mandatory training is done on time, the system is set up to automatically prompt learners on the homepage and has been configured so the review of competencies is the first thing they must do in the system before they can do anything else.

Because of these prompts, BMI Healthcare now rests easy knowing that their dynamic audiences, which are based on detailed profile questionnaires, are set to automatically update every person’s learning plan with appropriate courses and verification dates.

BMI Healthcare LMS Totara

BMI Healthcare’s L&D team is transforming BMiLearn into a tool that supports their employees throughout every stage and process. They are currently using Totara Learn to prepare for the apprenticeship levy and have recently introduced performance management and CPD functionality.

The CPD functionality Kineo created enables clinicians to revalidate with their professional bodies, track their competence and enables seamless single sign on for partners who support continuous professional development.

The new functionality allows users to track that they have the right amount of evidence and the information is exported for them onto the correct documentation required for submitting their CPD.

Totara has continued to meet our evolving requirements through the combination of its core functionality and customisations developed in partnership with Kineo. The platform has evolved from initially being focused on streamlining our mandatory training to now being core to our wider talent management strategy through performance management, induction, competency mapping, etc. It is the essential online entry point to our BMiLearning Academy; the academy offers a burgeoning number of apprenticeships, accredited programmes and other programmes to empower our people and ‘grow our own’.

Ian Gardner, Learning and Development Lead at BMI Healthcare

The Results

Totara Learn is saving BMI Healthcare time and money as well enabling the organisation to evolve their training and stay compliant.

“The LMS can expand to our needs. The flexibility is there and that should allow us to continue to grow. have a lot of confidence that the tool can support us, along with the customisations where we need them.”

Ian Gardner, Learning and Development Lead at BMI Healthcare

With the new reports functionality, BMI Healthcare and the Care Quality Commission can now see, in real time, the compliance rate for the business, region, hospital, department, and individual. Time is no longer wasted tracking through paper and manual processes.

Since switching to Totara Learn, BMI Healthcare has seen a 133% increase in their average compliance rate. In the first year, BMiLearn saw their compliance rate increase from an average of 40% per hospital to 60%, a percentage which has now risen to over 90%.

Because employees are no longer all on the same mandatory training plan, thanks to the new functionality of their LMS, BMI Healthcare has made significant cost savings by changing the frequency of some mandatory courses from annual to bi-annual.

With this small change alone, BMI Healthcare significantly reduced the amount of time spent on annual face-to-face mandatory training and has saved more than £800,000 per annum. As almost all of BMI Healthcare’s training was previously face-to-face, the cost savings for the organisation as they continue to create and manage more training and development in the LMS is immeasurable.

While the new LMS has provided significant cost savings, BMI Healthcare believes the addition of non-mandatory training to the LMS is less about savings and more about long-term investment.

With the new LMS, BMI Healthcare is not only reducing the hours employees spend on mandatory courses and the time spent generating reports, they are also reducing hire costs, improving retention rates, and employee engagement.

BMI Healthcare has continued plans to evolve their learning management system and use the system to its full capacity and capability.

“We are looking forward to this year’s upgrade as we move towards better measuring of how useful and impactful our training is and using the system to its full capacity. We utilise all the tools and functionality to enable our employees to see and measure themselves against the company's overall goals. We use the system to help managers support employee performance through goal-setting, tracking and use the customisable performance review forms and scale. The 360 degree feedback gathered from peers we are looking forward to being anonymised to develop confidence in this function and the competency tracking, and more.”

Jenny McKnight, Head of People Development