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Bronkhorst gives employees and managers alike a clearer overview of its training offerings

Bronkhorst specializes in the development and production of instruments for measuring and controlling the flow of gas and liquids.

The Challenge

In 2014 Bronkhorst set up a training department to streamline the internal training process. The training courses were ad hoc and were maintained in separate lists in Excel. The internal training process was not clear and the sales offices abroad were not yet connected to it.There was also a need to offer digital learning, so Bronkhorst started looking for a learning platform to streamline their training processes.

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The Solution

In order to be able to formulate their training needs properly, Bronkhorst hired a student to investigate this. Gradually, it became clear that Bronkhorst needed a Learning Management System (LMS). In order to be able to successfully navigate the available LMSs, Bronkhorst visited the Next Learning trade show in the Netherlands, where they met Totara Partner The Courseware Company.

"Many LMS suppliers use the LMS to develop e-learning as well. We didn't want that, because we don't see LMS and e-learning separately from each other." – Marco Breuker, Training Officer at Bronkhurst

Bronkhorst looked for an LMS in which they could automate everything, such as sending out invitations. That would save them an enormous amount of work. Multilingualism was also a requirement for them.

After an extensive demo about what Totara Learn could do for them, Bronkhorst decided that Totara Learn was the right fit for their wishlist.

Implementing Totara Learn

The Bronkhorst Learning Center based on the Totara Learn platform went live in the spring of 2018.

"The LMS has been running for a year now and most employees are enthusiastic about it. It's ideal for the employees, because they can now choose when they want to attend a course. Soon we will be launching job-related training and blended learning programs." – Nathasja Nengerman-Slagman, LMS manager at Bronkhorst

Bronkhorst numerous objectives for the first phase of the implementation:

  • Every employee must have access to and insight into every training within the company.
  • Managers must be able to check whether the enrollment is appropriate in terms of costs and time.
  • Managers should get an overview of what his or her employees have done.
  • Employees must be able to track their own progress.

All of the above objectives have been achieved.

Bronkhurst training with Totara

"The implementation has taken less than six months. It went very quickly! It is real learning in doing. It's nice to keep discovering what possibilities there are in the LMS, it's so extensive!" – Marco Breuker, Training Officer at Bronkhurst


Cooperation with The Courseware Company

"Our compliments to The Coursware Company consultants who can explain everything well and clearly so that we can understand it quickly. It felt like we were a joint project team. It wasn't Bronkhorst or The Courseware Company, but we were one team. It was very nice that they really thought along and we experienced the personal contact as very pleasant."

What's next

"It's up to us now to keep the LMS up to date and fun. We have launched our first online course and are working on the second and third." – Nathasja Nengerman-Slagman, LMS manager at Bronkhorst

Bronkhorst LMS Totara Learn

Three colleagues have taken an Articulate Certified Training and are working with Articulate Storyline to develop the following courses.

The need for international training is also growing. This has led to the desire to make the LMS available to several target groups. With the ultimate goal of also giving customers partial access to the LMS.

Bronkhorst is now investigating the possibilities of using the LMS for knowledge sharing and as a marketing platform.

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