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Brussels Airport Company uses Totara Learn to certify around 9,000 learners each year

Brussels Airport Company is responsible for the running of Brussels Airport. Its activities are diverse: from guaranteeing the safe travels of thousands of passengers every day, to managing the airport infrastructure and providing training for external stakeholders.

The Challenge

In order to comply with aviation safety and government-imposed security regulations, internal as well as external employees need a badge to be allowed access into Brussels Airport facilities. Two badges are available: one for landside, and one for airside.

To obtain a badge, employees have to complete an instructional video and then pass a test. This badge process is a crucial element for BAC. Without a badge, people will not be allowed to access the facilities and perform their work.

The badge certification procedure was complex and inefficient, and the platform Brussels Airport Company used was unstable. Therefore, they needed an environment that could fix these issues and also allowed them to easily manage, facilitate and track their entire badge certification process. 

The Solution

Brussels Airport Company screenshot

Together with Brussels Airport Company, Neo created a user-friendly solution using Totara Learn.

A specific dashboard allows easy access for the end-user but also for the BAC badge administration. This provides BAC with an easy and efficient way to track the badge certification status of every employee, internal or external, and follow up on this.

Brussels Airport Company screenshot

A specific flow for each of the badges is set up. Through audiences which are dynamically populated, users are automatically assigned to the correct certification process. Via this process, the user is granted direct access to the required instructional video and the corresponding test.

Part of these tests need to be organised in a specific and controlled physical environment for security reasons. Neo has applied various settings within the Totara setup to comply with this requirement.

To increase efficiency even more, Neo integrated all these functionalities into the same LMS that Brussels Airport Company was already using for other purposes. The customer now has a stable environment that allows them to manage the badge certification process from A to  Z, on top of the processes already running in the system.

The Results

Brussels Airport Company screenshot

Brussels Airport Company now has a stable, user-friendly environment that provides a complete future-proof solution which allows them to certify between 8,000 and 10,000 users per year.

Brussels Airport had an urgent need to replace the existing badge certification tool due to instability issues. Neo Learning not only supported us in migrating the existing functionality to Totara. They also acted as a proactive partner in streamlining our business processes. This project is therefore the next step in standardising our LMS processes throughout the company.”

Jan Andries, Product Manager, Brussels Airport Company