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CAAi uses Totara Learn to extend reach internationally and enhance its product offering

CAA International (CAAi) is a leading, globally recognised aviation consultancy and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

CAAi works closely with clients across the aviation industry, ranging from governments, civil and military aviation authorities, airports, air navigation service providers and airlines.

The Challenge

CAAi delivers blended learning courses to delegates from across the aviation industry.

With a wide geographical reach, it was essential that CAAi had the means to deliver their courses to learners worldwide, flexibly and cost-effectively.

With over 30 courses and 7 programs to deliver, consisting of e-learning courses and face-to-face sessions, they needed a program to support this.

CAAi had not previously used e-learning before but knew that it would help them improve their service offering worldwide, and looked for an LMS to enable easier delivery of content worldwide. 

Caai Training Platform LMS

The Solution

CAAi partnered with Envisiontel* in April 2015 to design and deliver an LMS, Totara Learn, which would facilitate the easy sharing of their courses worldwide.

Envisiontel ensured that CAAi’s Totara Learn would integrate with Shopify and Salesforce, enabling them to sell courses online using an e-commerce model. User’s information is communicated between the three platforms, meaning everyone has the data they need automatically.

When a customer buys a course from Shopify, the data is shared with Salesforce, which is then shared with Totara Learn.

Many of CAAi’s Safety Management System courses are organised on Totara Learn using the platform’s Programs functionality. There may be many courses within a program, which can be managed through the LMS to enable administrators to keep track of who is enrolled on which course and how they are performing.

Previously, everything was done manually through emails and booking forms, so this has helped reduce the time spent on course administration. The courses also use pre-course questionnaires to collect customer details, ensuring information is always up to date.

The system also needed to support videos, as CAAi uses a lot of video content, so Leo ensured that this would work seamlessly as part of the LMS. This helps enrich the blend and makes the learning experience more engaging.

CAAi delivers a lot of training on international aviation regulation and legislation, which can take some time for learners to familiarise themselves with the ins and outs of complex legal matters. Putting the content on the LMS means that learners can prepare online before they join a classroom session, making face-to-face sessions more efficient as part of the blend.

For some of their programs, learners must complete multiple courses and a classroom course before they are then awarded a certificate of attendance. For instance, for Air Law, learners must complete 16 e-learning courses and a face-to-face session before they can download their PDF certificate, generated using Totara Learn's certificate functionality.

Caai Training Platform LMS

The Results

As CAAi’s first time using e-learning to deliver content, they are already enjoying success with their Totara Learn. Over 1,000 delegates a year currently use the platform, which is used both as a source of information and as a marketing tool through which CAAi can advertise its courses.

Adopting Totara Learn has helped CAAi improve their service by extending the reach and enhancing their product offering, both of which were valuable improvements for an international organisation with an e-commerce provision.

Their next step is to further improve the customer experience to leverage the power of Totara Learn for global learning. 

*This project was originally delivered by Totara Partner Envisiontel, who merged with Totara Partner, Remote Learner, in 2019.