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Catalys Conseil creates a consistent, cohesive learning experience for jobseekers

Catalys Conseil was set up in Brittany, France in 1989, and was created to support people and organisations in their career management. They help employees and job seekers looking to change their careers, master new skills and develop themselves in a variety of ways to find new roles or move into their chosen lines of work through training and skills auditing.

The Challenge

Catalys Conseil is a training centre for people looking for jobs, or looking to change careers. A key part of their service is facilitating relationships between jobseekers and skills coaches. Previously, their coaches conducted skills training face-to-face on a one-to-one basis, using workbooks and paper-based materials to help those looking for work identify their strengths and the skills they needed to improve.

However, they realised that this was not the most efficient approach, and decided to adopt a learning management system to help make this process quicker and easier. 

The Solution

Catalys Conseil LMS

Catalys Conseil were working with Totara Partner E-learning Touch on various other projects, and decided to work with them to implement a brand new Totara Learn platform. This needed to support the administration of skills training, enable coaches and jobseekers to build relationships and to allow clients to give feedback on their progress and the training overall.

Implementing their first ever LMS meant switching from a combination of paper-based resources and online resources shared via Google Drive to their new platform. E-learning Touch were able to create a single Totara Learn platform to harmonise the way learning was delivered to jobseekers, bringing everything together into one place. Learners don’t have to use the platform every day, and instead can dip in and out of content when it suits them.

Catalys Conseil Totara

The key functionality used in the platform is the learning plans, competencies and hierarchies. The use of hierarchies means that each coach sees only their own clients when they use the system, keeping content and reports targeted to the relevant audiences. Learning plans and competencies ensure jobseekers have a clear idea of what they need to do next to develop their skillsets, and keeps their focus on their personal end goal.

It was important to Catalys Conseil that they were able to fully customise the platform in terms of look and feel and the content itself, and the simple user interface means that they can largely do this themselves. Often the context around the quizzes and resources on the platform is just as important as the content itself, meaning that the flexibility of Totara Learn has been invaluable to Catalys Conseil.

E-learning Touch also set up Totara Learn’s reporting functionality to enable coaches to track course completions. Coaches can then access their segmented reports, giving them easy access to information about their own clients.

“Thanks to E-learning Touch, we have built in a very short time an additional service for our customers. After the test period, we have set up and tuned Totara Learn so as to provide a relevant tool aimed at counsellors and clients.

Totara Learn provides a wide range of possibilities like tests and Moodle plugins, which enables us to create tests and e-learning courses adapted to our activities.” - Christophe Coupeaux, Digital Learning Manager, Catalys Conseil

The Results

Catalys Conseil Learning

Working with E-learning Touch has given Catalys Conseil a single virtual centre where all jobseekers receive the same services. This has made their training offering much more consistent and cohesive, and gives coaches the power to better mentor their learners.

There are already more than 100 courses available in the platform. Those courses deal with job research methods, personality and interest tests and tutorials to analyse skills. Catalys Conseil started using the LMS in March 2017 in a test phase with 15 counsellors and 50 clients. The Catalys Conseil team is delighted with both the platform itself, particularly the vast amount of potential customisation, and E-learning Touch, who have been very attentive with a comprehensive understanding of the platform.

Catalys Conseil also like that it is possible to improve the platform step by step. While they may not want to use everything now, they can easily turn on new functionality in the future without spending a lot of money to do so, which may be the case with a proprietary platform.

In the future, they intend to introduce a virtual classroom to help them support synchronous and asynchronous learning, as this will be a useful way for coaches to manage their clients, even when they’re not in the same place.

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