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CHSGa boosts new users by a third using Totara Learn

CHSGa’s mission is to provide sustainable access to health services, designed to meet the needs of Georgia’s mature population.

The Challenge

CHSGa’s education needs are complex, as the system supports over 6,800 associates, across numerous health services with varying clinical and professional requirements. Sourcing, harmonizing and presenting efficient and effective continuing education presents a daunting and expensive challenge.

Prior to implementing Totara Learn, each health service attempted to meet the education challenge by developing homegrown solutions and/or purchasing turnkey products. One health service is a certified provider of continuing education (CE) credits.

Unfortunately, CHSGa was unable to serve these courses through existing vendors without significant expense. This cobbled-together approach caused unnecessary course duplication, course exclusion across services, multiple system credential maintenance, and complete inability to provide a single report on course metrics. Healthcare licensing agencies require up-to-date detailed reports on professional training.

The previous disjointed system required extensive resources to extract data from multiple systems into CSV file, format for consistency, correct any data errors by hand (many of these fields were free text) upload to yet another application and produce a report. This manual process often produced duplication, exclusion, and factual errors that without an automated log were impossible to spot or correct.

The Solution

Totara’s open-source nature delivers the flexibility and depth of customization necessary for CHSGa to achieve the primary goal of consolidating all of their eLearning systems under one LMS, with Mark Pavlovich, Senior Director of Analytics, referring to Totara as “the perfect fit for our requirements”.

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These requirements also include: Easily being able to upload all content regardless of origin. This includes the US Government, myriad third-party vendors, and CE courses written by CHSGa’s in-house expert team.

Totara’s hierarchy and learning path features made it quick and easy to assign the right courses to the right people, in the right sequence. The ability to assign courses and sets of courses to learners based on specific health-service and center needs and across the System.

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Automated reporting on everything CHSGa and each health service needs for certification purposes, such as records of who has enrolled in a course, who completed it and when, along with who needs to complete it by specific dates or deadlines. This was made possible by utilizing Totara reporting alongside the Lambda Analytics extension.

CHSGa wanted to be able to implement targeted career-path training options. Using Totara reporting and Zoola Analytics to utilize learning data from the LMS, CHSGa can start identifying learning trends for an individual and automatically suggest programs for furthering their education down that path while also notifying management of their career interests.

Finally, CHSGa needed solutions for quality-control and course improvements. Totara item analysis optimizes CHSGa’s selection and assignment process by determining problematic material and quiz questions, and identifies skill-gaps within programs.

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Meta-tagging has enabled CHSGa to easily determine how many people are currently enrolled in any given course, while tracking the course’s content relevancy and expiry dates for quality control, certification and compliance purposes.

The Results

Freedom To Learn: CHSGa has one single platform for all education that currently includes more than 2,600 courses with no limit on adding future courses. This has resulted in a 65% course enrollment increase, and a 30% increase in new users.

Freedom To Save: With Totara, CHSGA has experienced a significant cost-reduction of over $17,500 annually alongside a 35% reduction in system downtime compared to the previous 2 years.

“Bringing it all together under Totara was like Christmas morning: Save time, save money, all the clichés, but it’s real. We appreciated the high customizability of Totara and of equal importance is the fact that’s its open-source with a bunch of cool people developing pretty nice additions that we are using.”

Mark Pavlovich, Senior Director of Analytics


“One of the biggest goals to achieve was the consolidation of all our eLearning systems. Also, being flexible across all our systems was paramount. And it’s been amazing, Totara has been a perfect fit for all our requirements”

Scott Kirk, Director of Digital Operations