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Crest Nicholson boosts compliance and learner engagement with a mobile-friendly Totara Learn platform

Crest Nicholson has been building new homes for over 50 years and is firmly established as a leading developer with a passion for not just building homes, but creating vibrant sustainable communities.

Their mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities, both now and in the future, by providing better homes, workplaces, retail and leisure spaces. Most importantly, with their customers at the heart of everything they do.

The Challenge

Crest Nicholson has a firm belief that expert knowledge and skills go into creating great places to live. It’s this expertise that delivers homes not houses, and places not postcodes – where people can belong and where communities can grow.

They wanted a learning management system that supported these beliefs and had their core principles built into its foundations: design and innovation, sustainability and customer care. Their previous system had become dated and restrictive, was seen by many as a barrier to learning and no longer reflected the Crest Nicholson standards.

Crest Nicholson wanted to plant the seed for a community of learning to grow, with a fresh look and feel, and the functionality that would re-engage their employees. They wanted the new LMS to become a hub of shared knowledge and practice that matched and reflected the same standards and expectations of the buildings, spaces, and environments that they build every day.

Their new solution would also have to:

  • Be accessible and responsive to employees whether they were on a construction site or office-based no matter what device they were using
  • Integrate a seamless login process and user experience
  • Offer a simple reporting mechanism for admin, managers and learners
  • Be designed and developed, implemented, tested and ready for rollout within a four-week period

The Solution

“Totara Learn was the perfect solution for us, from Learning Pool's demo of the system we knew that it would offer us the scalable and flexible solution we were looking for. We were also struck by the ease of use for reporting and administration, as well as the custom compliance dashboard that Learning Pool* offered, as a great tool to increase our engagement and compliance rates with our employees.”  

It was made clear at the outset that the design and implementation was to be completed within a tight timeframe. The single sign-on integration, historical record migration, bespoke design, core reports, content library, custom course browser and compliance certificates were designed, implemented, tested, and ready for rollout within four weeks.

Anti-bribery compliance was identified as the first learning campaign that would be used to roll the new Totara-based learning system out to all employees. MediaCorp's* custom communication tool was used to send targeted alerts and communications to specific user groups. Coinciding with this learning campaign was the release of introductory animations and a Crest Nicholson company and system-wide internal marketing campaign familiarising and directing employees to the new MyLearn portal.

Crest Nicholson LMS

They decided to start small with a relatively simple LMS to ensure a rapid rollout to users. This included off-the-shelf e-learning content from Litmos Heroes (covering topics such as project management, HR, GDPR and unconscious bias), welcome videos and some basic resources, and over time more content will be made available on the platform to maintain engagement.

The LMS is accessible via mobile devices, which was important because Crest Nicholson’s employees work in sites all over the UK. There are a number of sites with a vast geographical spread, so putting learning at employees’ fingertips rather than having them travel across the country for face-to-face training sessions was a valuable way to save time and money and put learning in the hands of employees wherever they are.

MediaCorp also built a way to offer feedback into the LMS. Historically, Crest Nicholson did not receive feedback on any training initiatives, so this was a useful way to ensure that the L&D team could understand what was working and what wasn’t so they could improve the platform in the longer term.

The Results

Crest Nicholson’s Totara Learn solution by MediaCorp* is a huge step up from their previous LMS, and over half of employees have offered feedback on the system to date, with learners especially loving the simplicity, look and feel and easy navigation.

Since the LMS officially launched in December 2017, 95% of the organisation is now compliant in the corruption module, and the platform now sees an average of 500 logins a month – a massive improvement. Their GDPR compliance course received over 1,300 views within just a few weeks, which is a strong sign of learner engagement.

Crest Nicholson is particularly impressed with the reporting functionality in Totara Learn, as this allows them to highlight the value of the system to the company board. They are working with MediaCorp to design regional reporting so they can understand how each region is performing. They previously relied on drawing reports from another system, cross-referencing with their old LMS, ticking people off and contacting everyone individually, whereas sending automated reminders and notifications directly through the LMS has saved a significant amount of time on learning administration.

“Working with MediaCorp and our new Totara Learn platform we are encouraged about the future of what we can offer our employees in supporting their development and growth with the business. We have had great feedback from our employees already who have really engaged with the system. There are early indications that our employees are making use of MyLearn to become more self-directed in their learning, which is something that we plan to build upon and grow.

We are planning for the next 12 months with exciting plans to implement new inductions, various bespoke learning projects as well as planning more learning campaigns to support the learning Strategy at Crest Nicholson. We are already making good use of the system to raise awareness about the upcoming GDPR changes next year and getting our employees up to speed with the coming legislative changes.” - Christian Moran, Group Learning and Development Manager

*This work was undertaken by MediaCorp prior to its acquisition by Learning Pool.