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Engaging stakeholders for success at Warwickshire County Council

Find out how Warwickshire County Council (WCC) engaged their stakeholders successfully, to enable them to create a one-stop shop for learning and development not only for their employees but also their partners.

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) teamed up with Learning Pool to create Warwickshire’s Interactive Learning Management environment, fondly referred to as WILMa.

Working with Learning Pool, WCC selected Totara LMS as the solution which has enabled them to create a one-stop shop for learning and development not only for their employees but also their partners.

One year on and WILMa has provided a platform for positive change in delivering key training and development across the council and supporting collaboration with its partners.

The Challenge

One of the key projects for WCC is Making Every Contact Count (MECC). This is a concept promoted by NHS England and Public Health England and the aim is to empower people enabling healthier lifestyle choices that influence all of our health. 

As with any project that involves multiple agencies, it had its challenges. How to achieve a high level of engagement and deliver across a varied and dispersed audience? WCC set out to tackle these challenges byinvolving partners from the outset to achieve maximum results from the e-learning project.

The council knew MECC could positively impact many people’s health and make a tangible difference across the county. WCC, and indeed all organisations responsible for health, wellbeing, care and safety have opportunities to impact on people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. WCC understood that this could be maximised if their frontline workers had an understanding of the importance of MECC.

With limited resources, the real challenge for WCC was ‘how’ to share the message and reach out to the wider workforce of more than 1000 workers, as well as ensuring stakeholders were engaged in the process. Could WILMa be utilised to meet the challenge

Warickshire County Council LMS

The Solution: Engaging stakeholders for success

Learning Pool and WCC, along with their key stakeholders and professionals in the field, organised a ‘Content Jam’ session. Early buy-in was key, involving collaborators and stakeholders from the beginning, and is a strategy that WCC has adopted going forward with all of their projects.

The ‘Content Jam’ enabled representatives from NHS Health Education (West Midlands), Public Health England, WCC Public Health, WCC L&D Service, Herefordshire Council, NHS Solihull PCT, Walsall Council, and Warwick District Council, to meet and share their subject matter expertise and ideas with the Learning Pool content development  team and instructional designers. After a day discussing the MECC concept, the wheels were set in motion for the new module.

Learning Pool got to work creating the training, taking on board feedback from the contributors to improve the content and then successfully rolled the solution out to WCC’s wider workforce which included public health, social workers, care workers, youth workers and trading standards.



Rachel Faulkner, WCC, Learning and Development Service Manager said, “An increased number of staff, who would not normally have attended the classroom based sessions have been able to access this development activity.”

  • Learning Pool managed the collaboration of a number of organisations to deliver a successful and well received product at a significantly reduced cost.
  • By engaging stakeholders from partner organisations early on it increased engagement and uptake of the solution.
  • Launched locally, the module is now being accessed regionally and nationally by other Public Health Directorates.
  • WCC and Public Health West Midlands have been approached by a University to accredit the module.
  • Following on from the success of the Make Every Contact Count project, WCC’s Learning and Development team are being approached, on a daily basis, by teams and individuals across the council to develop new e-learning modules and utilise WILMa to advertise training being developed by internal providers.
  • The module has now been shared on the Learning Pool catalogue and is available for all customers to make use of.