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Farrow & Ball deliver onboarding and product training to a diverse global audience

Farrow & Ball are devoted to creating unmatched paint and handcrafted wallpaper using only the finest ingredients and traditional printing methods.

The Challenge

Farrow & Ball were committed to educating all their staff, regardless of role, on the qualities and properties of their products. For this task, Mind Click** were brought on board to create a suite of e-learning modules.
A platform was also needed for the e-learning courses to be accessed from. Learning Pool offered Totara Learn to host the courses, create reports, allow Farrow & Ball to write their own reports and be able to track their learners' training.

The Solution - eLearning Modules

Mind Click created a suite of e-learning modules for Farrow & Ball, with the themes ranging from the properties to paint, to the proper application of wallpaper, to colour theory.
It was essential for that the e-learning reflected the style and brand of the company, which was achieved throughout all the modules.

The suite of modules that were designed by Mind Click - I was really delighted with. I think they captured our brand beautifully, and really enhanced the learning package that we were able to provide.

Learning and Development Manager, Farrow & Ball

The Totara Learn Solution

Totara Learn gave Farrow & Ball the ability to track learner training, produce and create their own reports and allow learners to complete training in their spare time.

Our needs were to have something that was simple, easy to use, and provided a great experience for the learner.

Learning and Development Manager, Farrow & Ball

As with the e-learning, it was again very important for Totara to capture the brand of Farrow & Ball, at the same time as being easy to navigate for a diverse range of learners and managers.
With approximately 450 learners, made up of a very diverse audience and lot of people that are mobile, Farrow & Ball needed a flexible LMS with the ability for mobile delivery.

This is a really exciting step for us because Totara will massively improve the learner experience. Learners will be able to book themselves on to courses and have a much higher visibility of what we can offer as an L&D department.

Learning and Development Manager, Farrow & Ball

**This work was undertaken by Mind Click prior to its acquisition by Learning Pool