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Indeed embraces the flexibility of open source by migrating to Totara Learn

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world that allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or via mobile recruiting, in over 60 countries and 28 languages.

More than 200 million people each month search for jobs, post résumés and research companies on Indeed, and Indeed is the #1 source of external hires for thousands of companies.

The Challenge

Indeed was previously using a proprietary Docebo platform which was no longer meeting their needs. As a rapidly growing company, Indeed found that their existing LMS could not scale with their requirements, and that the platform lacked much of the key functionality they needed to deliver great training across the U.S.

Lacking the features they needed within the LMS, they ended up creating a complex series of workarounds in order to build a solution to work for them, which ended up being cumbersome and difficult to manage.

They realized that they needed a more flexible solution, and conducted user research among their own employees to establish what they really needed in a new LMS.

Indeed LMS

The Solution

Having previously worked with Totara Partner Remote-Learner, a member of the Indeed team recommended they switch to Totara, so they got in touch to find out more about how they could solve their problem with a new LMS.

Indeed quickly recognized the benefits of switching from a proprietary platform to an open-source LMS like Totara Learn, and they established a powerful collaborative relationship with the Remote-Learner team. With the open source core product, Indeed and Remote-Learner are able to work together to add plugins, customizations and more to ensure that Indeed gets the exact LMS they need rather than being burdened with a system that doesn’t do the job.

The key functionality Indeed needed in their LMS was a strong search feature. As a job search engine, they wanted this powerful search functionality to transition seamlessly into their LMS.

Remote-Learner built the platform with a front-and-center course search for the learner experience, ensuring people could easily track down the exact learning content they needed based on their role in the company, with Totara’s audience functionality used to target content to specific groups of learners.

Opting for an open source solution like Totara Learn also enabled Remote-Learner to build a platform that fit into Indeed’s company culture. With so many busy people, employees are used to scheduling time directly into colleagues’ calendars for meetings and discussions, so they knew they wanted the ability to do the same thing for training. Employees can schedule training into their calendars directly from the LMS, removing an extra step of admin and ensuring the platform feels like part of their normal routine.


Indeed LMS

A great benefit of Totara Learn is that Remote-Learner managed to make learning very contextual and customized according to the needs of specific business units, which can be controlled at the platform level by learning administrators and managers.

The learning environment is designed to be appropriate to each user, showing them the training they need to complete as part of their roles, and also highlighting recommended additional training that they may wish to tackle on top of their required activities. This means that each business unit and each specific learner feels as though the platform is speaking directly to them and their needs, and that Totara just gives them what they need automatically.

The Results

While it’s still very early for Indeed, they are already delighted with the freedom and flexibility they have gained with Totara Learn over their previous proprietary LMS.

There are already over 400 courses in the system, and all the course completion data from their previous LMS has been migrated into Totara Learn, meaning they can continue to assess performance and progress without losing data.

Indeed has already said that their biggest challenge currently is wanting to do explore all of the new functionality available to them in Totara Learn immediately! The great collaborative relationship with Remote-Learner means that they bounce ideas off one another and work toward innovative new solutions together. The Indeed team has found Remote-Learner to be very open to new ideas, responsive and knowledgeable, and both organizations are very happy with the working relationship and Totara Learn.

Following the platform’s official launch, Indeed’s L&D teams across the business intend to conduct usability testing to decide how to prioritize functionality and UX going forward, and will work collaboratively and cross-functionally to ensure that they make the most of their newfound LMS freedom.