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Ingeus UK increased user logins by 200% by moving to Totara Learn

Ingeus is commissioned by national, devolved and local government to support their efforts to build strong societies and citizens have the independence, knowledge and know-how to thrive.

In the UK Ingeus deliver services in five specialist areas:

  • Employment – we have supported over 250,000 people into suitable, lasting work
  • Health – preventing people at high risk of diabetes from developing the condition
  • Qualifications and Apprenticeships – we have helped over 45,000 learners to gain qualifications
  • Justice – we will help 150,000 ex-offenders to rehabilitate over six years
  • Youth services – we have signed up over 37,000 young people onto the National Citizen Service
Ingeus Totara Learn LMS

The Challenge

Ingeus were previously using Moodle (version 3.2/3) with some custom features, but upgrading to Totara Learn meant they were able to explore new functionality to aid in being more specific with the results from reporting and the overall experience.

This included functionality such as dynamic rule based learning, custom catalogue search filters, moving away from a less academic approach and becoming more people focused and allowing users to be more at ease with the platform.

The platform despite its previous uncluttered format- was still underused and user interaction was low, so they focused the upgrade's look and feel to adopt a more simplistic but engaging look.

They also took that as an opportunity to redefine and clarify the role in which the LMS would play in facilitating learning and moving away from its previous use, i.e. just to have it as a place to monitor completion for compliance or to attend/book onto a mandatory face to face (seminar) session. 

The Solution

Totara Awards Informa

Synergy Learning were instrumental in creating that simplified approach to encourage user interaction with the design options presented.

After holding focus groups within Ingeus' organisation on the proposed changes, the focus group were keen to spread news of the changes that were to come as they found the new designs to be engaging and interesting. The content available on the platform did little to facilitate a personal development autonomous approach. So not only did they have to look at the look and feel, usability for the user but also the content or reasons to visit the LMS.

"In order to drive more traffic to the LMS we used the re-launch of the look and feel initially to start the process of the re-purpose of the LMS. This was key: to make it appear more visually appealing but make the flow more logical and have simplicity of navigation and course layout and this new design facilitated that."

This was achieved by using with marketing spots in the audience based dashboards and the categories easier to find. The course layout took advantage of the collapse topics and encouraged users to investigate the simplified page to find e-Learning and other resources that they should use to complete the course.

The Results

By making these changes it greatly increased usability.

"Over the last year we have seen an increase of use - of those choosing to login the amount has increased on average by 200% this year. We also changed the login page which minimised our internal service now tickets on login issues i.e. logins in the incorrect place from 26% to 5%*".

Because of these positive changes, Ingeus also used the opportunity to address the quality of the content by launching new content in mandatory courses and other resources that were only made available via the LMS.  This is an ongoing process and they are continuing to add to the functionality and usage of the platform.

“The updated iLearn platform is extremely user friendly! I find it to be very welcoming, and I actively seek to schedule time into my work diary to look at the courses available. It is easy to navigate and log face-to-face training courses, as well as run reports for completion of mandatory online safeguarding courses. The colourful home page is laid out to inspire and direct people towards taking responsibility for their own learning, and the wide range of available courses is excellent.” Kirsty Knivett- Safeguarding Manager

 *Figures taken from September 2016 – February 2017 , and March 2017 – November 2018.

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