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KIND migrated from Moodle to Totara Learn to enhance employees' e-learning experience

KIND is the leading German supplier of hearing aids, operating in 14 countries with 700 branches worldwide. Combining customer focus, innovative products and the highest quality standards, KIND continues to steadily grow opening its first branch in Asia.

KIND employs over 3,000 employees worldwide within the hearing care profession and has been using Moodle for training of all staff in the various locations to date.

Staff are committed to bringing service and quality promises to life everyday.

The Challenge:

We worked with key stakeholders to gain an in-depth understanding and assessment of requirements and identified a number of shortcomings with the current Moodle eLearning platform:

  • The overall look and feel of the LMS was very basic and did not mirror the company branding and internal values
  • The platform was unresponsive for users who wanted to access the site on mobile devices. This limited a large number of employees from being able to use the site especially remote workers
  • Various aspects of workplace learning required manual workarounds which wasn’t ideal for those learners who needed to access information quickly
  • The reporting features were not sufficient to meet compliance requirements

Due to these problems overall compliance learning and workflows could not be implemented to acceptable levels

From our findings, we concluded that the current Moodle LMS site was dated and was hindering the ability of the KIND team to implement a robust eLearning strategy to enable continued business growth

Kind LMS

The Solution

What Totara Partner Synergy Learning did:

  • Upgrade of current Moodle system to Totara Learn enabling the development of customised learning and reporting
  • Transfer of hosting to our data centre to provide scalable and secure hosting
  • Implementation of a number of workplace related workflows in close collaboration with the customer, enabling a more controlled learning environment
  • Enhancement of the layout and design of the site including home page and course page customisations in line with company branding


Since the transition from Moodle to Totara Learn, KIND have achieved the following:

  • More customised, tailored approach to the overall learning programme - individuals can customise their own dashboards and gain access to the specific information they need based on their job roles
  • Over 2,500 registered users
  • A more collaborative approach to the overall eLearning programme and roll out across the different locations
  • Ability to access courses anytime, anywhere in any location
  • Managers are now able to view their team’s progress, and have closer control over their learning plans
  • More robust reporting

Key Features

  • Rework theme
  • Customised dashboards
  • Responsive Build
  • Custom reporting and layout

“As our business continues to grow it is extremely important that our LMS grows with us. Thanks to Synergy Learning we have been able to do this successfully. Their professionalism and expertise in the migration of Moodle to Totara Learn has been fundamental to allowing us to move forward with our eLearning strategy to ensure we remain at the top of our game and provide our promises to our clients. We look forward to continuing working with the whole team to progress this further.” – Lara Krentler, Personal Development Manager, KIND