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LaSer UK upgrades from Moodle to Totara Learn to save time with learning administration

LaSer UK, part of the LaSer Group, is a financial company providing store cards, credit cards and loans to a number of providers. They employ over 800 people across two UK sites, and are owned by BNP Paribas Personal Finance, the fourth largest global bank.

The Challenge

LaSer manages four million UK customers on behalf of over 200 organisations. They needed a system to allow them to pull learner reports, help managers with learning organisation and let end users give feedback on courses. They previously used a Moodle LMS, but needed more control than their Moodle platform allowed, so they needed to find a new LMS which could be customised to suit their needs.

The Solution

LaSer chose to work with Totara Partner, MindClick*, to help them implement a new LMS. This involved upgrading from their existing Moodle platform to Totara LMS.

As Totara Learn was originally based on Moodle, this made for a very easy upgrade, which enabled LaSer to take advantage of all the additional features and functionality available in our award-winning enterprise LMS.

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With Moodle, SCORM isues meant that learners had to complete modules and assessments separately. There was also no way to control reports or the organisation’s hierarchy, making learning management a challenge.

In contrast, features such as programmes, competencies and hierarchies in Totara Learn enables LaSer’s learners in separate carts of the organisation to view content relevant to them. Managers can also view their teams’ progress, and the upgrade gives them more control over learners’ learning plans.

The upgrade from Moodle to Totara Learn has also significantly improved LaSer’s reporting. Learners’ responses can now be reported on in a more granular way, and reports can be targeted to specific managers. This gives LaSer’s managers much more valuable data, and means they can better analyse the performance of their teams.

The Results

Moving to Totara Learn with MindClick has given LaSer more freedom in terms of management and content creation, allowing managers to create more relevant content for more targeted learning.

It has also significantly reduced the time managers spend creating reports. Totara Learn allows managers to create reports in real time, as opposed to the manual report creation process with Moodle. This upgrade has resulted in a two-hour time saving per report, making reporting much more efficient.

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As well as this, the assessment system found within Totara Learn means that results and pass marks show who really understands the courses. Filters can be applied to help identify who has not completed courses, and these filters can be applied to automatically redirect users to additional training for a smarter, more personalised learning experience across the organisation.

“What we liked when we spoke to MindClick was the opportunity of being able to manage it ourselves, to be able to create the content and to be able to edit that content ourselves.”
- Learning and Development Manager, LaSer UK

*Mind Click has since been acquired by Learning Pool.