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Lentis launches a digital learning environment for the entire organisation with the LMS, Totara Learn

Lentis is an organisation for mental health, forensic healthcare and elderly care in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. Together with more than 5,000 colleagues, they are working on the recovery and wellbeing of their clients.

Lentis provides both basic mental health services as specialist mental healthcare to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Every year Lentis helps more than 25,000 people with psychological and psychiatric problems, and more than 1,200 elderly people with age-related issues. They focus on recovery, and where it is not or not yet possible, on making the consequences of mental health problems bearable.

The Challenge

Lentis is a large organisation that believes in small-scale care. This means that they are locally active and work in the environment of the client as much as possible.

Talent and career development is very important to Lentis in order to meet the challenges of the future. The healthcare organisation wants to make learning accessible to all employees. In addition to encouraging independent learning within the organisation, they also want to manage the professional development of their employees.

Through learning opportunities, the healthcare organisation hopes to:

  • Captivate and interest their professionals
  • Save on time spent on training and development
  • Save on training and development overheads

Lentis has been using a learning management system (LMS) for several years, but due to lack of support, they decided to look for a new innovative learning agency to help them out. After a selection process, they chose Atrivision because of their didactic, educational expertise.

"We find it very important to understand our clients and the challenges they’re facing. That's why we spend a lot of time tracking development in organisations, the sectors they operate in and our industry. We love sharing our expertise and knowledge with our customers." - Jacqueline Scholtes, Business Manager

The Solution

At the end of 2013 Lentis launched a major pilot project to identify the feasibility of using a digital learning environment for the entire organisation. The results of the pilot were very positive and so Lentis decided to give Atrivision approval to build an organisation-wide implementation of, which is based on the Totara Learn learning management system.

Atrivision chose to primarily unlock a large library of e-learning courses (more than 100) from various suppliers within the learning environment. These courses are available to all Lentis employees. The library is mainly managed by automated links from Lentis’ HR system.

To properly support Lentis’ talent and career development management, Totara Learn offers an easy and inexpensive solution. With Totara Learn Lentis can choose to upload course materials and share them with everyone in the organisation. Totara Learn also adds functionality in terms of look and feel, learning and development management within companies and institutions.

Additionally Totara Learn offers advanced course planning, functions and competencies, training plans, management reports and a module to support social learning. This way, Lentis can manage all employee information in one place.

Lentis LMS leren met Totara

The Results

In April 2014 Lentis’ new learning management system, went live.

  • Meanwhile, 5,000 people have signed up. All employees are expected to make use of Totara Learn
  • Learning at Lentis now has a modern design
  • The responsibility for learning lies with the employee and is facilitated with blended learning resources
  • All staff responsible for elderly care actively use the e-learning modules and the catalogues available on the LMS, Totara Learn

"Wij vinden het belangrijk om klanten en hun uitdagingen goed te begrijpen. Daarom besteden wij veel tijd aan het bijhouden van ontwikkeling in organisaties, branches en ons vakgebied. Deze kennis geven wij graag terug aan klanten". – Jacqueline Scholtes, Business Manager

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