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MaibornWolff consolidates training and collaboration with an integrated Totara Learn and Totara Engage platform

MaibornWolff is an IT service provider with more than 700 employees spread over nine locations in Germany, Spain and Tunisia and more than 30 years of experience in IT consulting, software engineering and testing. Continuing education is a top priority in the company and every employee receives a training budget of 1.5 times their monthly gross salary per year.

The Challenge

MaibornWolff's main challenge was to combine the requirements of the different learning systems they had in place into one Totara system, while successfully bringing over 700 users and providing them all the features they were used to.

Both the LearnChamp and MaibornWolff teams had to be creative and think outside the box. Rethinking the standard features of Totara and figuring out how to use them for the new requirements was not only one of the biggest challenges, but also made them see Totara in a new light and realize that flexibility and thinking outside the box goes a long way. MaibornWolff also needed to deliver content for the new platform within a tight timeframe.

The Solution

MaibornWolff Totara course catalog

With the implementation of Totara, MaibornWolff was able to move all learning – be it training and seminars, e-learning courses or user-generated content – which they previously had in several different places, into one system. This gave learners greater structure and clarity, making it easy to individually find the right learning at the right time. 

With the vast reporting options in Totara, managers have an up-to-date overview of their employee’s training budgets for internal and external training measures. The use of custom reports and Totara’s seminar management has taken the coordination and organization of seminars to a whole new level – both features vastly reducing administrational effort for MaibornWolff.

MaibornWolff Totara network plans

A special dashboard block developed by LearnChamp provides a new way of depicting learning journeys, using an image as background and hotspots to click on for information or links to courses. 

MaibornWolff Totara Engage Collaborate

Totara Engage, named “Collaborate” in MaibornWolff’s system, provides the space where users can exchange knowledge, especially when it comes to topics such as lessons learned and diversity, as well as participating in quick surveys. This helps team members share ideas, work on different topics and collaborate with other teams, which was especially useful throughout the pandemic, with better documentation and overview features than using only Zoom/Microsoft Teams for knowledge exchange.

Extensive onboarding of the MaibornWolff admins by LearnChamp, a flexible support package and close cooperation between the teams has led to a smooth transfer from the old systems to Totara. Furthermore, the customizability of Totara provides the possibility of continuous improvement of the system according to the needs of MaibornWolff. 

The Results

  • OAuth2 is the main SSO method used for seamless login experience for a big number of users.
  • Seminar management is used widely across the system by both users and seminar organizers. Facilitator’s functionality made it easier for admins to create seminar sessions and correctly book a facilitator without hustle.
  • A special dashboard block developed by LearnChamp for a gamified view of the learning journey provides the possibility to upload images in the background of the block. Administrators are then able to define the hotspot coordinates on the image, as well as the text and one or more links, that will be displayed in the popup once the users click on the hotspot. This provides a very nice graphic display of courses as a metro map or world map, just to name a few.
  • Precise and well-defined positional and organizational hierarchies made it possible for stuff managers to have an overview over their team members and their training budgets.
  • Reporting function is used extensively. Thanks to the extended reporting possibilities, managers can see some additional information (such as external evidence) from team members’ profiles, at a glance.
  • Tailor-made courses for each target group, providing the right content for each audience in the system. 
  • Successful implementation of leadership trainings using Totara programs.
  • Course tags turned out to be one of the most used filters in the course catalog, allowing MaibornWolff’s team to be creative when creating and applying these.
  • Totara Engage in place, providing the space for exchange and knowledge transfer.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams supported the seamless relationship between learning and day-to-day work for all the users.

"At MaibornWolff, continuous education is actively lived and shaped. Our training offering consists of internal and external training, self-created e-learning courses, and various curated content on a wide range of topics. With the growing diversity of the offering, we were faced with the challenge of managing this accordingly in a central system and visualizing it in an appealing way for employees. Due to the diverse functionalities and possibilities, we decided to implement Totara."
- Christine Zikeli, Senior Education Manager, MaibornWolff

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