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MAN Energy Solutions provides learning to multiple global audiences

MAN Energy Solutions SE is a provider of large engines, turbo machines and turbines for marine and stationary applications. Furthermore, MAN ES also produces complete ship power plants, turbo machine units as well as power plants. The company employs around 14,400 staff at more than 100 international sites.

The Challenge

Customers receive worldwide after-sales service for the product range under the MAN PrimeServ brand. For this, MAN PrimeServ services 13 academies worldwide for classroom training for customer staff. The users learn everything that is necessary to operate the complex products. In order to further roll out this service and to be able to offer the existing, comprehensive learning material electronically, MAN ES chose the implementation of Totara Learn.

E-learning content needed to be available worldwide for all interested customers. Furthermore, MAN ES's own staff would benefit from the extended access to the company's knowledge, and they would also be taking advantage of the advanced training options.


  • Learning for employees and customers in one learning management system
  • Simplified sales of further training for major customers and increasing the reach of the academy’s existing training opportunities
  • Besides global availability, offline availability was essential (e.g. for ship crews)
  • Reduction of the administrative costs for additional internal training through consolidation

The Solution

For the long-term implementation of ambitious goals, MAN ES relies on Totara Learn as its learning management system. Arrabiata led the way, starting with the first demo platform and moving on to UX design and technical implementation of the interfaces up to their deployment. Also, after the successful rollout, they are working on the continued expansion of the platform.

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Focus on different learning groups

The key challenge faced in the implementation of Totara Learn was the different target groups: external customers and internal employees.

Arrabiata imported the employees automatically with the given personnel structure, and set up single sign-on to achieve an optimal user experience. They also authenticate MAN ES’s customers against verified and reviewed customer data. This profile data is then transmitted to the LMS via the OAuth-authorized API from the central data pool.

Audience-based and course-specific training vouchers offer the sales department the perfect way to sell flexible course packages.

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Entering valid voucher codes in the LMS enables customer employees to unlock acquired courses individually.

Totara Learn is used extensively to train MAN ES's own staff. The huge variety of mandatory and constantly renewable certifications that are necessary in this business sector (e.g. maintenance, security, compliance with the law among others) are particularly crucial to the success of the learning platform.

The LMS was also designed to support a range of internationally valid compliance requirements. Arrabiata implemented time-controlled, department-dependent learning paths for company-wide mandatory training courses, which were additionally supported by automated reporting and escalation management. The programmed functionalities can also be used for learning paths in other training areas.

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The Results

  • Provision of a system for 3,000 learners initially, which has since increased to more than 5,000
  • Scalable platform for future enhancements for up to 30,000 learners
  • Reduction of administrative effort for internal advanced training measures through consolidation
  • Easy sales and distribution of further education for major customers
  • Voucher function allows sale of learning packages to customers of MAN PrimeServ and its worldwide academies
  • Integration of the MAN-ES registration process for external users and customers provides secure and instant access for learners worldwide

“Thanks to its range of functions, Totara gives us great freedom in order to achieve our educational goals; both for our customers and our employees worldwide. Should it be a bit more complicated, or if an individual extension is missing, Arrabiata supports us here in all requirements very successfully."

Nicola Hasl, Consultant Human Resource Development, MAN Energy Solutions SE


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