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MindBoost Learning engages a millennial audience with fun, fresh branding on Totara Learn

MindBoost Learning is a specialist learning technologies consultancy and online learning provider, supporting businesses with their learning technology challenges, strategy and direction.

As part of their mission to offer great quality learning, MindBoost has launched a new offering primarily focused on compliance training for today’s learner.

The Challenge

With 20 years’ experience in corporate learning and technology and a background in hospitality, MindBoost Learning’s Director, Caleb Foster, wanted to disrupt the online learning space with a cost-effective and engaging compliance learning solution that would make it easy for individuals and small teams to get and stay certified. Frustrated with the quality of compliance training available in the marketplace, Caleb and his team wanted to provide a solution to un-engaging courses and poor charging models for smaller businesses. Caleb stated: “I see lots of businesses trying to sell e-learning at inflated costs and what I see is poor value for money”. 

In order to get this idea to market, MindBoost Learning needed a solution that was both quick to deploy, and had the flexibility to scale as the business grew, whilst evolving and responding to changes in the market and client demands. 

The Solution

MindBoost LMS

MindBoost Learning needed a partner they could trust with their vision and a powerful and flexible platform to support their business. Having worked intimately with Kineo for over a decade, forming a partnership was an obvious choice. As Caleb said, “I didn’t have a question about that relationship. I’ve been working with Kineo for 12 years, maybe longer than that. And there is a reason for that. I’ve got a real trust for what Kineo can deliver for me. And I think the product that I’ve got now is a testament to that”.

When it came to choosing a learning platform, Caleb noted the most important factor was “… to know that the platform that what we start with today, we can also use tomorrow and the next year too”. The flexibility and limitless possibilities for scaling of Totara Learn was a key selling point for the business. Built on Kineo’s SaaS offering of Totara Learn, MindBoost’s solution looks nothing like a traditional learning platform, with the components responding beautifully on all devices. As Caleb stated:

“I don’t think my customers would recognise it as a learning management system even if they knew the concept of a learning management system. And that’s what I always want to achieve - a seamless journey to consume content. How a learner gets there - it should be absolutely seamless and a part of the learning experience. I really think that’s what we’ve got. We have a brand-led Totara platform, but the customer will never know that.”

MindBoost Totara

MindBoost targets both those wanting to purchase a course directly, and also businesses that are not yet in a place where they can have a full-blown learning platform. For those customers looking to purchase courses, the platform has an e-commerce integration so that the experience is completely frictionless from finding the course, purchasing and launching the learning. And for those clients needing a platform, MindBoost believes these businesses can benefit from the scalability and powerful functionality of Totara Learn. 

MindBoost Learning

Currently MindBoost’s offering is focused on delivering and certificating courses. They didn’t want to provide training as a one-off intervention, so the renewal of their City & Guilds accredited courses (which are also certified by CPD) is handled by the Totara learning system. This gives the businesses and the learners MindBoost serves peace of mind that they are always compliant. But this is just the beginning, and MindBoost is thrilled that they have a solution with robust functionality that can grow with them and their customers needing a platform. As part of their roadmap, MindBoost is looking to partner with DigitalMe (Kineo’s sister company and Credly’s exclusive partner in Europe) to enhance their offer with the market-leading credentialing solution. Proving early on that the decision to build their solution on Totara Learn was a smart one because the platform is providing MindBoost with the functionality and flexibility they need to scale. 

The Results

MindBoost Totara LMS

MindBoost wanted a product that they could get to market quickly and Kineo’s SaaS offering of Totara Learn was the ideal solution. From MindBoost Learning being established as a business to launching a product in less than 6 months, Kineo has been able to support them every step of the way. From developing the platform, to providing MindBoost’s core course offering, to the design of the brand featuring lovable monsters, the venture has been a true partnership. 

Together, MindBoost and Kineo have developed a brand that resonates with the millennial generation, MindBoost’s core target audience. MindBoost wanted to give their learning solution a name – a face – and the monsters give the business that personal touch. As Caleb stated “I didn’t want the products that MindBoost sell to define who MindBoost are. And that’s where our family of monsters come in. So, the monsters have their own personality they have their own specialisms and they allow our customers to… form that connection with the character that can then support them on their journey”. The family of monsters are integral to the platform and bring the whole learning experience to life.

MindBoost is delighted with their solution. Kineo’s SaaS offering, just like with any Totara Learn platform, can be fully branded to provide a completely unique look and feel. Thus with Totara Learn, MindBoost has gained an online presence that matches their brand and culture, whilst providing a fuss-free user journey experience that truly engages their learners - no matter the device.

“There is a real difference for me between a client-supplier relationship and a true partnership. I really think that personally, I have a really strong partnership with Kineo. It doesn’t matter what organisation I work for, that partnership comes through. There is a stronger partnership and bond between MindBoost and Kineo now because of all that history and that confidence that I think we have in each other. There is a mutual respect there. That’s what makes a great partnership work – trust in each other”. – Caleb Foster, Director, MindBoost Learning

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