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National Anti Doping Agency Austria expands its educational offering for better sport for everyone

National Anti Doping Agency Austria (NADA Austria) is a service organization for clean Austrian sports. Its purpose is to protect clean athletes through preventive and repressive anti-doping work.

The Challenge

In order to reach the goal, which is to expand and digitalize its educational offering, NADA Austria was looking for a way of how to reach and support its customers, partners, as well as internal employees. The fully responsive platform as well as the content has been created in collaboration with LearnChamp.

The Solution

NADA Austria's LMS dashboard

NADA Austria’s Totara solution offers various courses on topics such as anti-doping prevention, medicine, sports, fairness and self-assessment to a diverse audience, ranging from recreational and competitive athletes to fitness centers, to achieve a highly efficient transfer of skills and knowledge. 

As learners are accessing the platform mainly via mobile, the solution NADA Austria wanted to implement had to support responsive design, and it needed to be hosted in a scalable manner. That was why Totara Learn was the right fit.

NADA Austria's LMS course overview

The long-term plan for NADA Austria was to introduce Totara in several carefully planned steps, as this method proved to deliver the best long-term results for LearnChamp clients in the past. Currently the first phase of the platform project has been rolled out - the first of many to come. The LMS covers the most relevant topics for NADA Austria, such as providing courses for their target groups, enhanced by gamification elements. In later phases, features such as programs and certifications will be introduced (together with Totara Engage).

In order to provide a seamless user experience, the platform had to be both interactive and innovative, allowing hosted content to be scalable across all audiences. Quick and efficient distribution of content covering medical aspects in the field of anti-doping to all target groups was crucial for NADA Austria. 

NADA Austria's LMS course catalog

To generate as much interest in the offered content, LearnChamp implemented Totara’s course catalog as a landing page for NADA Austria. This allowed everyone to get an overview of all content on offer, which can be filtered so learners can see their preferred topic without having to log in. It might be considered a "search engine for clean sport."

To have a platform like Totara, which enables NADA Austria’s team to continuously innovate in an area where every hobby or professional sportsman needs up-to-date information on the go, was a crucial step for the product. A complex audience setup allowed NADA Austria an easier approach to partner with other companies, making it possible for learners to only see relevant courses (but also let them browse through other content), evaluate their data and adapt their offerings according to their needs.

Totara’s self-registration option with approval and whitelisting through NADA Austria’s team proved the easiest way to cover not only the interests of single users at the time of registration, but also step-by-step guidance for choosing their fitness studio, professional sport organization or registering as a hobbyist, and then gain knowledge through the system’s offerings. 

NADA Austria's LMS course overview

To provide learners with customized content, it was important that upon registration, users can not only choose one organization framework, but to drill that down even further. That’s why LearnChamp implemented a self-registration option with approval that used three dropdown levels. This way learners would instantly access the information and content relevant to that organization level. Furthermore, the platform allows the users to have more than one organization saved in their profile. This flexibility allows users to have multiple roles within one organization, which is nowadays a very common, modern approach to working life.

In order to constantly improve, NADA Austria uses Totara’s powerful reporting options to determine the right measures for its next steps in the different educational topics. 

The Results

“This website for clean sport is a completely new approach to anti-doping education. For the first time the athlete is given complete power over what he or she wants to learn. Normally if you want to get information about anti-doping, you go to the website of the organization and find information covered over multiple sites. With this platform, the user can navigate via a search engine within seconds to the information needed, and as an add-on get recommended items delivered by the website."

In an ever-evolving sporting world and the effects that come with it, NADA Austria is trying to be a step ahead by having a Totara solution and digital learning content in place. Totara Learn provided the best way to organize the user data through manual signup, creating a hierarchical structure.   

  • Signup with approval option and an extension of organizational structure that gives each user group the possibility to choose the right organization (up to four levels)
  • Tailor-made courses for each target group, providing the right content for each audience in the system
  • Dashboards in the custom user interface of NADA Austria give each user a sense of belonging to the NADA Austria brand. The dashboard also gives the learner a quick overview of their current learning and what further offers are available for them
  • Integrated seminar and webinar offerings, using the seminar management tool of Totara, gave the NADA Austria team an instrument to manage a complex schedule of different topics and participants, allowing perfect overview and signup options as part of integrated user experience. 
  • A course catalog that is open for guest users gives everyone an opportunity to inform themselves about the content NADA Austria is offering
  • Gamification elements, such as badges, support the solution and motivate users to explore

"The platform has the potential to improve knowledge about clean sport in many areas. Due to the different target groups and the different aspects, the topics are not only aimed at top-class sport, but also at popular sport. I‘m looking forward to discovering more content and games on the platform."

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